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New Era of Cheating Spy Earpiece : Monorean

Exams have always been a crucial part to judge a person’s knowledge, but are they real tests to judge a person’s capability? Somebody might be good at framing answers, someone might be good with remembering dates and names while someone might be good with analytical abilities. Containing answers to such type of varied questions might not be a piece of cake for everyone.

To get assistance students have always been devising various methods of taking cheat sheets with them. Cheat sheets have also evolved from time to time, from simple paper chits to technological advanced methods.

From time to time even the most ideal student feels like using a cheat sheet. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, nobody is able to learn the whole material (I sometimes wonder who develops such educational programs). Secondly, not all people have an uncanny memory that allows remembering a great amount of information without problems. Thirdly, students like getting fun and don’t think about exams until the examination session comes.

And the temptation to use a cheat sheet is great. Our century has seen the evolution of the cheat sheet from a piece of paper with some illegible handwritten text to some innovative hi-tech devices. Monorean, has provided an innovative helping assistant to such students, Spy Earpiece.

Spy Earpiece

Spy Earpiece is an invisible wireless earpiece high ensures taking help from others in a clandestine way while the invigilator remains ignorant of everything. It mostly occurs with a two way communication where a fried of yours at other end will help you reading the answers. Monorean offers best in class Sky Earpiece which can can help you conquer any exam with ease. Let's see what they have to offer.

Types of Monorean Spy Earpiece

Monorean Tiny 

Monorean Tiny is a basic version of Monorean, you have to connect it with your cellphone and place the microphone around your neck in the shirt collar, while placing the tiny earphone in your ear. Once you are done with setting up the Monorean call the person who is helping you out before the exam begins. The hearing clarity is perfect while you can also talk to the person via the microphone reading out the questions.


  • The essential invisible earpiece for cheating on tests.
  • Cheat on tests with no worry of being caught.
  • Communicate with a classmate or friend outside of the exam simply by making a phone call.
  • No cables: the sound reaches your ear wirelessly.
  • All accessories included--you will only need your cell phone.
  • Also, totally compatible with any MP3 player.
  • Instructions: open it, turn it on and pass the test.

Monorean Pro 

Monorean Pro is the advanced version of Monorean. It comes with two modes to help you out.

Use in a Phone Call : After entering in the exam hall you have to wait for the phone call of the person helping you out. You can receive the call by pushing the Pushbutton Beeper hidden in your shoe. You have to keep pushing the beeper for five seconds you can also give a call back to the same number by pushing the beeper .You can listen to the answers via earpiece hidden in your ear.

Use with MP3 Player : In the MP3 player you can store in your answers, play the answers through pushbutton in your shoe and listen to the answers through the invisible earpiece.


  • Cheat on tests with no worry of being caught.pushbutton in your shoe an
  • Connect the invisible earpiece to your cell phone via Bluetooth and simply make a regular phone call.
  • Its inductive collar is as thin as a sheet of paper, and it won't even be noticeable under a thin cotton t-shirt.
  • Send buzzes to your partner and pick up the phone using the Beeper Pushbutton.
  • Control the MP3 files stored in your cell phone with the MP3 pushbuttons.

Undoubetely, Monrean earpiece have been the best way of passing a tough but important exam. Of course knowledge is necessary and so is the understanding of concepts but it is not so easy for some people to express the same. For them Monorean has come into escape. Among the other advantages of Monorean comes spying, taking assistance while delivering public speeches, meetings conferences and other events.