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Top Gadgets & Accessories for MotoCyclists

About ten years back, it was a story of just a rider and his bike, but now, the story has changed to modern rider and his technologically advanced bike. Motorcycles have changed from the traditional ones to the ones loaded with gadgets that no rider should ride without. In this blog I will be penning down some gadgets essential for bikers of this age.

1) BikeMaster Wood Handle Multi Tool with a Large L.E.D. Light.

This is a multipurpose tool kit, with no hefty tool box and a LED light tucked so as to help you with your bike at every hour. The tool kit comprises of a can opener, 4mm screw driver, straight and cross head screwdrivers, sharp and smooth awls, a 3" blade ruler combo, bottle opener. The LED light is extremely helpful as it lets you reach the ends of your engine where it would be impossible otherwise. So in a broke down condition, in a road trip this compact LED multi toolkit will be really helpful

2) Garmin Zumo 665 Motorcycle GPS

People like me who are somewhat directionally challenged always need an assistant to help with directions. Even for people to explore new paths a GPS is necessary, So Gaminn has come up with a motorcycle friendly GPS device which is waterproof, glove friendly and will read you directions via Bluetooth headset. You can also set up voice commands with XM Radio, FM traffic etc.

3) Scala Rider Q2 Pro Multiset Communication System

Riding with a caravan is always a fun, so when you are on a road trip with friends or strangers there should be a communication link always maintained to keep the stability of the group. Scala Rider Q2 Pro Multiset Communication System is a perfect gadget for both riding with a passenger and riding with other bikes. The quality of communication system is excellent, even if you are a 100 miles away from your partner the quality will not fade away and you will easily communicate.

4) GoPro Motorsport Hero Wide Lens HD Digital Camera System

You love to share the moments and care for each other, to show your care GoPro’s helmet cam group comes into picture. Go Pro is a helmet with HD Digital cam, it is easy to use, pretty much bullet proof and heavily marketed hence quite popular among the riders. Another reason for its popularity is multiple mounts which allows it to be kept anywhere and the noise and vibration cancelling technology will keep you away from motion sickness.

5) SPOT II Personal GPS Satellite Messenger

How will you communicate to your loved ones that you are ok if you get lost somewhere in woods while riding? or lost a path and go trending towards the no mobile phone signal zone? Well SPOT II Personal GPS Satellite Messenger has satellite power that can send messages like "i'm ok "or S.O.S along with your location details consisting of exact co-ordinates  along with a map of and even emergency services. With SPOT II Personal GPS Satellite Messenger you can also pin the unexplored locations where you've been to and brag about it to your friends later.

6) Symtec Heat Demons Metric Standard Grip Warmers

On a long journey crossing cities and temperatures your hands are the first body part to realize a drop in temperature. The Symtec Heat Demons Metric Standard Grip Warmers are gloves which keep your hands warm while maintaining the style. To look fab they come in black and chrome colors to match your riding style, while to keep hands warm the come with four levels of heat with tiny LED lights to indicate the level of heat you set it in . They get attached to your handle bars and hide the wires neatly under your grips. Buy this and similar bikes parts in Mumbai.

7) Battery Tender 12V Super Smart Battery Tender Junior

This gadget for bike is a must have, you might have realized a number of times that the main reason for the cancellation of a trip is due to low battery in your motorcycle. Well, Battery Tender 12V Super Smart Battery Tender Junior charges your battery while maintaining correct balance of charging without overcharging it. This takes 12 ft. of space and easily connects and disconnects output cord.

8) Electronic Granit Detecto 800 Disc Lock

Electronic Granit Detecto 800 Disc Lock to keep you safe with a line alarm and lock system

This is to keep your bike safe and sound. The alarm contains 14 mm hardened bolt and a 3D position control which will start making sound if it detects any unsuspicious activity like position changes or attempt to remove lock.

If you are not using these accessories and gadgets, I would urge to to try them and you will definelty love it. You can buy awesome bike accessories in Mumbai and make your riding fun and safe with all these gadgets. Make sure to leave a comment and share your views if you know of any other cool bike gadget.