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How To Spy On Someone Else's iPhone?

In this digital technology reign, where almost everybody is using smartphones; You don’t have to act like a “gumshoe man” or hire any cunning professional investigator to spy on someone!

So, figure out what kid’s or spouse are doing on iPhone? Why do they spend so much of time on their cellphones? These common questions are on everybody’s mind!

Now, to talk about Apple product, iPhone is close-at-hand or we can say it’s a mini computer that is why, people prefer to surf the Internet or read e-books on it instead laptop or desktop. All time checking the social media sites like Facebook, twitter and chatting on WhatsApp, Viber or iMessage. This entirely makes it easy for you to spy on the target’s iPhone as it’s an immense source of information for you.

How To Spy An iPhone?

  • Firstly, an internet plan or WiFi access in an iPhone is extremely important for the spy app to get executed.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to ‘jailbreak’ the iPhone - as this application or app is not catered by Apple store. It is very easy to do.
  • Once you jailbreak, you can easily install the monitoring app on the target’s smartphone.
  • Now, you need to download iPhone spy software such as mSpy and start with the installation process which is pretty simple and takes just few minutes.
  • A username and password will be provided to you for the web based account login.
  • Lastly, the app will synchronize and copy all the iPhone’s data to the web based account or online account, which would be accessible by you only.
Now, if you have done the above mentioned steps, we move ahead to let you know more about this app.

What All Can You Spy In iPhone?

Upon successful installation of spyware on an iPhone, you are able to get the following information:

Text Messages:

Text message is one primitive function in the cell phone. So, you can read both incoming and outgoing text messages of the iPhone. Recipients phone number along with the date and time stamp as in when the messages are sent or received are recorded on the server.

Phone Call Records:

Now, listen to the call conversations your target user is making. You can also record the incoming or outgoing calls.

Instant Messenger - WhatsApp or Viber:

These are the most popular apps to chat with friends or share any multimedia like photos, videos or voice recordings. You can read the group chats, one to one chats and view all the data shared by the target user along with the date and time details with the WhatsApp Monitoring or Viber Tracking apps.

Social Networking:

Get track on social networking sites like Facebook, with the Facebook Tracking app.

Email and URL Tracking:

Keep track of all the emails and websites that have been visited, check the browsing history or all the links shared and opened on the targets cellphone.

GPS Location:

Yes, track the location of the target user with the help of GPS location tracker.

Life seems to be so much easier with the help of a iPhone monitoring software. So, keep yourself updated as and when required with the activities that are being performed by the monitored person.

So, start using the software and get all your doubts clear for an unfaithful spouse or children! And, you never know your most trusted employees, might be leaking out all the information to a competitor. Guys, Pay heed to all the warnings!