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WixStores Lets You Create Stunning eCommerce Sites with No Coding Involved

If you have ever thought of creating an online store for your business or thought of putting your business and product online, that helps you extend reach of your products & services, you would have at least heard about WixStores. Although a site builder at its crux, WixStores has an infinite number of features that help users, especially newbies, to have an online store without spending that time or effort. That having said, we understand that you might be a bit dubious about simplicity and effectiveness of WixStores as a solution to create fully-fledged eCommerce website with no sorts of codes and or design concepts involved. In order to help you deal with this confusion, we decided to come up with an unbiased review of WixStores, exploring various aspects of the site-builder solution. First, preceded by an introduction to the basic functions of WixStores, we’ll have a detailed view on how WixStores lets you create websites easily. We should start, shouldn’t we?

WixStores Lets You...

As we mentioned earlier, WixStores is meant to help you create impressive eCommerce websites without having any play with codes or design elements. Simply put, you can have your desired eCommerce website if you know how the selection of template and elements should be. Having classified the whole process of eCommerce site creation into 3 sections, WixStores has simplified that process in an effective manner. Now, we will move forward to check out how simple is WixStores when your requirement is a user friendly, nice and profitable eCommerce site without spending that much money for hosting and all. Plus, on top of all, you can get rid of all the messes of web host setting up etc.

Using WixStores

As WixStores has an impressive User Interface on top of everything, we found the experience with WixStores pretty awesome! First of all, we would like to mention the dashboard of WixStores, which helps you to lead towards other parts of the service such as store management and store management. With a sidebar that features almost every link that is required, such as that of Smart Actions, SEO Wizard and Contacts management. Thus, we will give a five-star rating to user friendliness of WixStores.

Features We Loved

Despite the fact that WixStores is truly impressive from various aspects, some features grabbed our attention! Some of them are as follows.

• A Huge Collection of Templates

When compared to other site-builder solutions out there, WixStores has an impressive collection of templates you’d be able to choose from. Once you go under the Online Store tab, you can get variety of templates that are dedicated for various purposes such as gadget store or ornaments store. It’s your choice, despite the fact that you will be able to customize the template according to your requirement later.

• HTML5-based Editor for Extended Customizability

Using the HTML5-powered site editor, you can change the template to fit your aesthetic sense and purpose. You will have to add an element, remove one or customize one during the creation of your desired eCommerce site — you’ll be able to do these all, right from the HTML Editor, which comes with an ultra-simple at the same time productive UI that makes everything simple, particularly for those who are new to this site-building stuff. Altogether, we loved this editor very much.

• Easier Store Management Elements

Through the Store Manager section, you can set up your online store easily, by adding & removing products, setting up shipping rates and tax details, coupon codes creation etc. Altogether, store manager of WixStores is extremely of use when you want to manage the store without making that much mess around. Also, there are integrations with a few other associated sections of WixStores to make store management simpler than you expect.

• WixShoutOut and Smart Actions

WixShoutOut is a platform that helps you to connect with your customers — by sending updates, newsletters etc. It is possible for you to do all these through a minimally-designed interface. On the other hand, smart Actions section of WixStores is truly useful if you need a professional eCommerce store. Using these actions, you can do awesome stuff such as sending a dedicated promotional code to a customer if she or he is not active in your site for a longer period of time.

The Decision Time

Recalling our experience with various sections of WixStores, we cannot but give a five star rating to this simple tool to create an online store. What do you think about WixStores, by the way?