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Top Things to Know about Asus ZenFone 5

Let's talk about one of the most talked about budget phone Asus ZenFone 5. It created lot of buzz in the mobile market and paved the way for Asus in mobile market arena. Let's discuss top things which you should know about this awesome device.

1. The Budget

Asus has launched ZenFone series, it is the range of mid-range smartphones, the toughest rival being ZenFone 5. It gives a tough competition to Moto G, Lenovo and Google’s Nexus 5.
When I say ‘mid-range’, it is only the price because the features are at par with high–end phones.

2. The Design

It is hard to believe, but ZenFone 5 is pretty impressive in design unlike boring designs that follow ‘mid-range’ smartphones. Needless to say but the design of phone is acknowledged worldwide and ZenFone’s design won Reddot Award 2014. This is among top three prestigious awards in the world for industrial design.

The phone has premium touch which is mostly seen in iPhone and Samsung Galaxy high-end models comprising narrow side and metallic front bezel. The sides are polished with CNC Diamond cut technology finished with precision of 0.13mm giving the phone a rich look.

3. The Weight

ZenFone 5 weighs 115 grams and is 5.5 mm thin making it in the list of thinnest and lightest phones. The thickness of the phone varies from the centre to edge with the middle section having thickness of 10.3 mm

4. The Processor

Asus has Intel Inside! Unlike other phones Asus chose to be different, ZenFone 5 has dual core Intel Atom Processor Z2560 at 1.6GHz. Along with Intel processor technology it also has Intel processor technology for multimedia while the power of phone has Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology

5. The UI

ZenFone has added simplicity to the phone by minimalizing all factors which clutter a basic Android UI. Asus calls its customized Android UI as ZenUI, icons are flat, color schemes are pleasing to eye, home screen is borderless while widgets blend in with screen. Combining all the features gives an agreeable and seamless experience to users.
Asus has also claimed to have designed over a thousand feature improvements to pile up with Android.

6. The Battery

We need phone’s battery the most when it is the least, in order to keep you from being off-radar ZenFone 5 has ultra-saving mode. This mode prolongs battery life by turning off mobile data and optimizing battery settings which consumes least of the phone’s battery

7. The ‘OpenCloud’

Asus has OpenCloud, its cloud service which lets you access your phone’s data on other devices like your laptop, tablet, phablet etc. and vice versa. OpenCloud gives 5GB of free lifetime data storage, although users can also connect to their cloud accounts of Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Asus HomeCloud and other such services.

8. The Camera

When one buys a camera phone, he is defaulted on the fact that camera quality will not be good. Asus has done a pretty good job in breaking this notion by launching its PixeMaster camera technology into Asus ZenFone 5

9. The Gloves

You stay in Himalayas? Well even if you don’t, and want to use your phone in Delhi’s cold weather with gloves on, this phone will let you to use it. The ultra-sensitive touch can work this way as it can even detect slight changes in electric and magnetic fields.


Every phone has its features but not every mid-range phone has high-end features. With ZenFone 5, this has happened and it is now the toughest competition in budget phone category.