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ThoughtBuzz : Social Media Monitoring That Works

This blog is written by us to focus on an interactive social media management tool, Thoughtbuzz. This is an analytics tool to aid organizations in in marketing strategies studded with data driven approach. Based out of Singapore and inked in industry since 2005, Thoughtbuzz has its offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur and operations in Asia and USA.

Let us see how the tool works!


Thoughtbuzz collects data from all the social media profiles of the brand and show it on a single dashboard page by handy social media monitoring. This saves a lot of time in switching from one social media platform to other while still listing down the numbers and analysis out of it on a single dashboard.

This tool analyzes data from Social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Instagram. Instagram is a common communication tool used by brands these days but most of the analysis tools do not help analyze its strategy, but Thoughtbuzz, unlike other social media monitoring companies, is ahead of its competitors and track brand’s performance on Instagram as well.

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Thoughtbuzz’s dashboard gives weekly/monthly status and charts of post wise social media analytics thus helping in forming better content strategy, updates and posts to market your brand.


On using Thoughtbuzz, we were quite impressive with its neat and simple interface. There are different sections for notifications, conversations, influences, analytics and much more. Moreover the information obtained from the above mentioned sections is pretty easy to understand, it does not throw data all over dashboard but gives an edge to analysts to obtain insights from only the useful information extracted by the tool.

Dashboards like Facebook Analytics has similar interface as of Facebook Insights but here, on Thoughtbuzz, only useful charts and bar graphs are displayed which gives simplified insights on trends and data charts.

Also, the tool is fully optimized for mobiles, so whatever is displayed on desktop, same charts and graphs can be viewed on mobiles with same clarity.


ThoughtBuzz’s management knows the criticality of relationship management for brands and thus it helps businesses to identify influencers and connect with them.

The tool identifies most loyal customers and critics to your brand by analyzing their level of interaction with your brand community. Having a funnel of loyal customers helps businesses build strong relationship with them which greatly helps in mass marketing as they will further spread positive words about your brand and in turn getting you more customers. Also, with Thughtbuzz you can invite loyal customers to your next influencer campaign.


ThoughtBuzz is one of the best social media tools available. The best part about this tool is it analyzes complex data and displays meaningful numbers out of it while presenting the in a cleaner look on a dashboard. The tool is tough enough to be used by analysts of any experience level you can also give it a try with a free trail.