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Top 5 Ways of Designing Robust Website Layouts

Nowadays, visitors love to spend maximum time on websites that are interactive. For making your business site informative and purposeful, you have to include PowerPoint presentation for targeting right customers. However, you need to follow some apt design practices for making your presentation stand out from the rest.

Building a Wire Frame

A proficient web designer will never develop the website contents before visualizing the end result fully. Each element of the website structure is sketched carefully on paper as wire frame before creating the final design.

This strategy works great, when you develop your PowerPoint presentation with suitable ppt templates. It is better not to work on computer till you finalize the presentation outline. Otherwise, this will lead to developing of contents, which will be deficient of compelling story.

Create Professional Impression with Header

Web designers spend too much effort and time for making professional impression with header on homepage. These professionals realize that impression built in short time determines whether a navigator continues to browse the website or leaves it for good. If the header is boring and dull, the navigator will assume that the entire website is boring.

In the first few seconds, the website needs to create an impression on the user about the wide range of templates and the quality of offerings. In the PowerPoint presentation, the title slide is similar to header of the website. If the first slide looks lifeless, the audience will lose interest to view rest of the content. Therefore, you have to spent time for ensuring that the opening slide reflects your brand, your thinking and quality that you represent.

Show Users What to Expect

If you navigate a well designed site, you can know what to expect from the website by going through the navigation buttons. Web developers organize web contents into meaningful clusters and mark them properly for helping you to understand the contents of the site.

In a PowerPoint presentation, the agenda slide acts as navigation bar. You have to arrange the presentation contents in form of logical clusters and you have to give quick overview of the presentation with the help of well planned agenda points.

Use Simple Sign Posts

An appealing website design ensures that a navigator is always aware of where he or she is in the site. This provides a sense of control and assurance to the navigator.

This principle is also valid for PowerPoint presentations. You should let your visitors know the subject with they are dealing at any point of time.

You should design the web-style bars in such a manner that they should relate the slide with a particular agenda. Providing numbers to slides convey the visitors where they stand.

The Title Should Summarize the Contents of the Page

View the web page of a well designed site. When you go through the title, you will find that the page will explain the purpose of a specific product or service. You will find that the title is written in simple language. This principle is also applicable for your PowerPoint slides. The title, which you provide should signify clear assertion and the body of the slide, should display the evidence, which supports the assertion.

These are the above said tips that are required for creating the best PowerPoint slide designs. Remember that a good presentation has the potential of drawing right customers for your business. Before you resume the designing work, visit few sites and take proper idea.

Author Bio

Frank Brown is a web designer. He provides consulting services to clients for developing powerful PowerPoint presentations by using powerslides.com that help in attaining business growth.