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iSkySoft Video Editor - Review

Those days are past when we had to take out expensive cameras from our closet and plan to capture memories. Today a cell phone has it all and so our memories don’t have to be planned to seize, but they do need a little bit of editing here and there to get the perfect message out of it. On googling you will find thousands of results each of which promising you a great of video editing software, but we all know that they lack features, provide limited functionality or are paid and costly.

In this article we are writing about a video editor that we came across and couldn’t refrain from writing about it. This wondrous video editing tool is iSkySoft Video Editor, to use this tool an individual is not supposed to be a professional video editor or have some special technical skills. Around 350,000 professionals trust this software and few big organizations to answer all their video editing needs.


iSkySoft Video Editor has two different modes an ‘Easy’ mode and a ‘Full Feature’ mode. They differentiate on the intensity of editing required on a particular video. Easy Mode has simple interface with a number of default themes and video editing on the tips of clicking a few ‘Next’ buttons. Once the video is edited the ‘Export and Share’ option allows to save the edited video in different formats supported by different devices.

Full Feature Mode has a Timeline of its own where one can edit clips, arrange scenes, add sound at a particular time, add transitions, credits, PIP, in short it is fully customizable feature.

In the latest version we could also spot that it included aspect ratio option where you can select the required aspect ratio for your video and getting a perfect movie in a couple of minutes.

Professional Features

This Software have a plethora of features which professionals yearn to have in their video editing tool. iSkySoft Video Editing tool can blend images, videos, text and even audio clips to enrich the developer’s creativity. There are numerous effects and transitions to choose from. Another thing iSkySoft offers is PIP this enables you to put graphics inside your video.

The best thing about iSkySoft is its simple GUI as it is a matter of few simple clicks which lets you add files, credits, intro, PIP, etc. with just simple drag and drop. The scene can be enhanced with hues, brightness, contrasts, trimming, splitting, rotating or joining on the timeline while scene detection automatically fixes blurs on video.


Once the file is created it can be quickly shared with social media friends via platforms of Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube. Once the video is made it can be exported into formats of MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV HTML5 or can also be burned into a DVD.


iSkySoft Video Editor is a great tool if you want professional video editing experience with little or no possession of any special technical knowledge. The software costs $39.95 and also comes with an yearly subscription of $19.95.

So if you are a professional vide editor or just want to edit a simple video for your personal use, go try iSkySoft Video Editor and you won't be disappointed.