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Mobile Enterprise Application Development: Today and Future

As more and more people are becoming ‘Mobile’, the mobile applications are charting hits across all businesses and companies becoming aware of their consumer usage base. Now, app developers are targeting enterprise users for developing their apps.

A recent survey from Appcelerator reads that 88 percent vendors claim of’ user experience’ being crucial measure for enterprise apps as it is for consumer apps. Also, a total of 46 percent of organizations are projecting to build business to enterprise applications while 52 percent propose to build two or more business to business applications. These numbers clearly show that enterprises are getting interestingly aligned to getting an app developed for them.

ITBusinessEdge’s Carl Weinschenk pointed that companies are still focusing on how to maximize value out of apps for enterprises as it is for consumer products, from implementing security to connecting to databases, possibilities are endless. He further stated that “The apps themselves also … present a categorization challenge: What truly comprises an enterprise app?”

What are developers’ interests?

On focusing the weakness, the biggest challenge to overcome is to build apps which support multiple platforms as most of the enterprises use more than three operating systems

Coming to mobile operating systems, surveys state than 80% of developers are inclined towards building apps for iOS, 79 percent are persuade to develop Android apps for phones while 59 percent are interested in developing apps for Android tablets

How can companies support more development?

Mobile app developers are anticipating quite a number of planned investments to come their way in order to support mobile application development for enterprise. Also, four in ten developers state that in addition to a devoted platform and a full-fledged enterprise store, businesses are citing their interests in development of mobile specific API’s for enterprise mobile application development

Currently the utmost investment priority is to obligate an increased number of testing tools. This is a necessity because additional, complex security and exponentially increasing functionalities are requirement of growing mobile platforms for ever expanding businesses. Tools like ‘static analysis software’ help developers in testing their codes and applications thus giving them an edge to complete their application with robust code and stable application. Hence, we can see that there is a scope of opportunity and hence a lot of tough competition in this dimension as a number companies are becoming mobile savvy for their business and customer.

Enterprise App Development

At present times we see a heightened increase of app development, companies are perceiving it as a competitive edge and hence demanding better and robust tools. There are a number of app development companies like Chelsea App Factory which largely focuses on needs of such enterprises who are in need of a secure, reliable, accurate and robust app for their B2B requirements.  Testing tool gives accurate results by precisely analyzing developers code, it identifies potential security loop holes and reliability issues before the code is actually sent to production. As of today, over 1100 firms including automotive, medical, military, aerospace, gaming and consumer electronics rely on such applications for a vigorous and secure output of their code.