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Five Ways The Internet Changed Technology

The internet has changed the globe forever. It has connected the world in ways that seemed impossible just a few decades ago. But the internet has done more than connect the world. It has be a driving force of technological advancement.

Advancements in the tech world have been pushed to new levels as all things digital struggle to become "smart". What are "smart" devices? The easy answer, devices that can connect to the internet. The internet has made sure our devices and gadgets are not just smart, they're genius, unbelievable, and only getting stronger.

Here are 6 ways that the internet has changed the way we look at, and interact with technology:

1. Phones

Invented centuries ago, the first phone, called the "Lovers" Telephone, was two cans and a string. We we've come a long way since then, and it's in no small part due to the internet. Cell phones have become so much more than telecommunication devices.

The internet changed the way we communicate and our communication devices. Thanks to the internet smart phones of today can connect to the web to: gain access to the largest library of information the world has ever created, video chat with someone on the other side of the world, download and stream music and video, map directions to any place on the planet, watch movies, and watch live TV, send mail, use apps, play games, tell time, calculate, act as a daily planner and calendar, and so much more. All from a device that fits in your pocket.

Cellphones started as a luxury, an unnecessary extravagance, and because of the internet, they have become a vital part of our lives that many could not imagine living without. Phones continue to evolve to better take advantage of all the internet has to offer. The internet will drive phones further and further into the future.

Voice control has makes it possible to talk to your phone, ask it questions, and have it find you answers immediately. That's an incredible feat of technology. The phone can also connect through the internet to other devices and allow users to control devices remotely. In the future any device that can be connected to the internet will be connect the the internet, and our phones will control them all.

2. Computers

The first home computers were slow, clunky, green screened machines that were interesting, but pretty irrelevant to most people's daily lives. Well that's certainly not the case today. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't use a home computer on a regular basis.

Computers have evolved for more reasons than the internet, but the internet has played a huge part. Computers may have stayed in the hands of scientists, industry, business and military if it were not for the internet. The internet gave people a real use for computers. The internet turn a fancy computation device and typewriter, into a virtual bridge which spanned the world.

The internet and computer relationship have together formed an unbreakable pathway of communication and entertainment. Internet provider Frontier Internet wrote on their site Frontierinternet.org/ that with the addition of the internet, users can now instantly "update your favorite social media accounts, pay bills, or chat and catch up with friends ... watch movies, streaming movies and music videos with ease."

3. Television

The internet has changed TV and the way we watch TV. When television first came out it was a technical marvel that took the world by storm. The television helped create today's billion dollar entertainment industry. The television is a staple home appliance, and perhaps one of the most influential devices ever created.

With the addition of the internet the TV grew from a device with just a few blurry black and white channels, to a device with access to hundreds of channels and programming. The internet has given viewers more power and control, allowing them more choice and more freedom. The internet gave consumers the ability to choose for themselves what they watch and when they watch it.

Smart TV has built in access to the web allowing viewers to stream video, music, and movies from the comfort of the couch. Even the shows themselves have changed. New shows are being created and distributed over the internet. Giving actors more freedom to pursue more creative outlets, and viewers more access to interesting programming. The internet has allowed viewers the ability to watch any show any time. With the internet people can watch an entire season in one weekend. No need to record or schedule life around TV. With the internet TV schedules itself around our lives.

4. Entertainment

The internet has changed us, and they way we engage with entertainment. The world of entertainment doesn't stop at the television. Movies, music. and video gaming are major entertainment industries seeing huge growth due to the internet. The internet has given users access to enormously large databases of entertainment.

The internet has made it possible for user to access just about any music artist, song, or album instantly from a cloud database. Users can stream movies TV shows, their favorite YouTube clips, and much more from hand held devices. Gamer are creating online networks and cooperatively playing with each other from all across the globe. The internet turned video gaming from solitary experience into a world wide arena.

Books might become obsolete with the internet. There's no need to carry heavy books when you can carry an entire library in your pocket. All of history's most famous literary works in the palm of your hand. That is an amazing technological revolution.