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Honda Jazz : Dream Drive on Buddh F1 Circuit

This post covers the eventful day, which I spent at Buddha International Circuit, driving the all new Honda Jazz. TechQuark.com was invited for a bloggers meet organised by Honda for launch of Honda Jazz and I went bananas over the proposal. After all, who gets a chance to drive a latest car which is not even launched, at one of the fastest F1 track, unless off-course, you are a Formula 1 racer!

Looks and Features

I found the new version of Honda Jazz extremely lucrative in looks and excellent on road. The car, when looked from a distance will look a bit similar to old "Jazz", but it is built on a changed platform and Honda has made some real commendable efforts to "Jazz" it up!

The new Jazz design is more than just what is pleasing to eyes; it is built in a particular way for more practical reasons. The very first time I opened the doors I was astounded by the grandeur of interior space provided. I would like to categorize this as among most spacious cars of its category with an ample space for head, leg and shoulder room for five occupants. The Car has an air of elegance which is generally portrayed by expensive cars.

Fiddling up with the car’s interiors I found out that back seats are foldable and can make space for almost all types of cargos to aid in long journeys. Also, they can be reclined to an angle as low as the rear seat base. The backrest angle is adjustable with a comfortable seat cushioning.

Pic Credit : @amithpanchal

Not to mention, I fell in love with the car’s console. A 5-inch color screen for rear view camera and a 6.2 inch infotainment system are breathtaking while a touch operated climate control is icing on the cake.

Test Drive

The car offers a petrol and diesel version with further two further models of automatic and manual modes. At BIC, bloggers were given diesel cars and I chose to get my hands dirty on manual model.

My very first acquaintance with the car was very smooth; on magnificent track of Buddha International Circuit the car ran quicker than what is normally expected in the city. I did a little fun with engine by stretching it and it happily made the "right noise", though more fun was added by slick-shifting five-speed manual gearbox and well-weighted clutch.

I noticed that the gear box responds well and engine continues to run efficiently and smoothly even with the slight changes in throttle. Another remarkable thing is the paddle shifters as they let you take greater charge of things. In manual mode the engine can be revved to 6000rpm before the electronics could gear up.

I found a certain comfort in handling the car and would like to describe it as "safe and predictable". An easy to swirl steering with tight turning circle, a firm suspension and positive high speed stability delivers a great ride quality.

Pic Credit : @Njkinny

The Launch Event

After an outstanding experience of the all new Honda Jazz at BIC, the eventful day came to an end with official lunch of Honda Jazz. The event was full of enthusiast bloggers and famous people, while I got lucky to get a picture with Honda India CEO, Mr. Katsushi Inoue.


I would like to pen down my experience with the car by defining it as rejuvenation of older model with enhanced performance and unrivaled styling. Under expert supervision, I could figuratively experience the adrenaline pumping corners and fast straights of Buddha International circuit. For me, driving the new Honda Jazz was a dynamic and an unparalleled experience.