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Reasons and Resolutions: Can't Download Files on Chrome

Any kind of interruption in performing a task is disturbing. Suppose, you are going to download your favorite app for instant chatting online but in between the downloading failed with an error!

But then, an error only occurs if something is done against the defined standards. If you are unable to download, apps, videos, extensions, or any other file from Google Chrome and getting an error in download bar (at the bottom) or experience it on the download page, then definitely there is something that is causing the problem.

List of Common Google Chrome Warnings

When connected with internet, there are a lot of things that are handled by the web browser. For example: Filtering out some downloads that can cause changes to the system or browser settings, can lead to misuse of personal data etc. To work on such scenarios, it gives a warning message on screen to prevent the damage that can be caused.

Error TypeDescription
Malicious Download Warning
This is thrown up by the browser if it finds that any malware is being downloaded by the user.

Uncommon Download Warning
In case a file is tried to be downloaded which is not known, very unfamiliar, and seems to be an unsafe software application. Therefore, it is recommended to download programs from the websites that are entrusted.

Unwanted Software Warning
If the browser considers that the program downloaded to the system may cause unanticipated changes to the computer, it throws this error.

Virus Detected
The antivirus program is the system remain active whenever a download request is processed by the browser. If the virus scanner marks the file to be unsafe, the Windows Attachment Manager restricts its download.

Errors while Download and Fixing Them

Download is Blocked

If the downloading failed with a message that the download is blocked, then the system security settings are causing the problem. As a work around, some of the security settings of the system browser has to be checked out.

#: Open Chrome “Settings” and then click on “Advance Settings”. There are multiple security settings here that can be adjusted as per requirement.

#: If the download is being restricted by the Windows Attachment Manager, then it is recommended to check out its settings to check which files are allowed to be downloaded and which all are instructed to be blocked. Or this, follow the steps shared below:

In the run text box, enter “inetcpl.cpl”. Click on “Security” tab>> “Internet”>> Custom Level.

Check out if the “File Downloads” option is enabled.

Downloading Blocked by Virus Scanner

If the virus scanner does not approve file or programs downloading, then it could be due to malware detection, corrupt registry settings, or probably the antivirus is incorrectly recognizing the file/program being downloaded.

#: If you think the file downloaded is from authenticated source and absolutely safe to download, then disable the protection shield of the scanner for few minutes and let the program get downloaded.

#: Possibility is that Windows security setting is not allowing a specific type of file to get downloaded. For this, check out the Windows Attachments Manager and verify the types of files that are allowed to be downloaded.

Insufficient Permissions Error

A the time of downloading or installation of a program, you might encounter errors. Some of the common errors that can be confronted includes:

  • Inappropriate Permissions: It is possible that when an application is downloaded, it is saved at the location where the antivirus is accessing it. You can change the default location of the downloaded files.

  • Network Error: If there is some problem with the network while downloading, this error will be prompted on screen. 
In the above section, we discussed some of the errors that can be encountered by the users while downloading files or programs in Google Chrome. With minor changes in security setting, network connectivity, alertness while downloading can help to fix the problems and let you download the desired files successfully.

Author: As author of MS Outlook Tools, Peter has experience more than 20 years in IT industry and he is now working with an expert data recovery firm. He has quality expertise in the Office products especially in Microsoft Outlook and love to solve users query by providing excellent solutions.