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Why Agile Framework is Best of Business

Agile methodology is a must have for every business to server their customers effectively. Regardless of SMB’s or large businesses, marketing strategies are best planned when they go through agile process.

The biggest challenge that an organization faces is, to manage and work upon constantly changing requirements. Agile methodology, with the help of software development as a model, breaks major tasks into smaller chunks. These smaller bits of tasks can be easily managed for concurrent changes in requirements. This helps development cycle to quickly respond to marketplace changes.

This approach resolves problem areas or under performing campaigns in shorter duration and quicker launch times. As the business grows or opportunities knock the door, agile methodologies helps adapt changes and serve customer better. Also, the changes can be tested in the middle of the campaign and even changes can be done as data access is possible in real-time. Also, if tasks can be divided, it is easy to manage expenses.

No matter how much service providers put in their effort to align business with technologies, there is always a lack of clear requirements laid down from stake holders. Most of the inputs are addressed during project development and deployment. Such kind of scenarios is efficiently handled by agile agency and help service providers in better project implementation.

Benefits of Agile Methodology

  1. Improved productivity due to reduced cycle time, fewer people and hence lower costs are incurred.
  2. Time box approach alleviates risks and schedules risks.
  3. Customer satisfaction of highest quality is achieved by complete involvement of stake holders in the process.
  4. Concentration is laid more on code than on documentation
  5. A number of modelling concepts are available to choose from in order to capture information about business, data and process.
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