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Exploring Reasons behind the Popularity of Microsoft HealthVault

It is now possible to store, share, and control your medical information online. User end monitoring ensures that sharing health records with friends and relatives, or seeking of medical advice from experts can be easily achieved online without having to move personally, or send across documents through post or courier. These are possible through health care applications developed by different companies. As these are web based applications they are protected and could be operated only by concerned user.

Microsoft HealthVault Development allows end-users to create, share, store, and manage their respective medical reports and health information. As all data are cloud based they are easily retrievable and do not incur losses. With the assistance of this application it is possible to access HealthVault website and subsequently create, update, or delete data that is available. However, before accessing user data several authentication checks are needed to be passed. This ensures protection of data.

Factors determining popularity of HealthVault

HealthVault is a cloud based tool that supports web as well as mobile applications. For this reason its applicability is wide and so is its acceptance. Like many other apps this health app is compatible on multiple operating platforms making it a wide choice for consumers. Its accessibility or compatibility to mobile devices has made it a really worthwhile application. Its compatibility with mobile devices has increased its availability to smartphone users. As the users of smartphones are considerably large they cannot be neglected. For health care tools it is important that they are of use to a wide section of people. In many instances applications are either not compatible or they are vendor specific. Such impediments are not desirable for a tool such as healthcare. It is necessary that these tools are equally accessible by every kind of internet accessible device: desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobiles. Secondly, compatibility with operating platforms is another elementary concern. Operating systems could include Windows, Linux, or iOS platforms. For a truly universal tool it must be usable under all these platforms. HealthVault health care tool takes care of all these concerns.


Medical data or representations could be of different types, each equally necessary for a definite purpose of diagnosis or prescription. Data could be clinical, imagery, precautionary, or financial. Each one of these data types serves a definite purpose for a doctor. Availability of these data as and when required, makes this application desirable for end users. A major drawback of many applications is their deployment. There are many apps that are technically superior but practically worthless as their implementation is tough. Such tools are of no use practically. It is important that health care apps are universal in their approach and cater to a major segment of the masses.

Open ended

Applications of mass use such as those promoted by mesusolutions.com should be open in nature. Open in the sense that they are not vendor specific and accessible to a wide range of products operating on multiple platforms. Open ended packages have greater acceptability and marketability than vendor specific tools. Developing open ended solutions involve greater expertise and innovation.


This is a very vital factor for acceptability of a product by masses. It is usual that a product, in this case a health care application, becomes truly viable when it is easily purchasable by end users. The price of a package is an important determinant of its popularity among buyers. Creating an app for a handful of users carries no meaning if a product is meant to be actually universal in character.


Easy availability is another factor for the popularity of an item. A health care package that is available online is easily marketed than a product that could only be bought offline.

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