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Migrating from Outlook for Mac (Outlook 2011) to MS Outlook for Windows

Due to higher rate of acceptance towards MS Outlook application, Microsoft Inc. enables its email application in Windows PC as well as Macintosh machine. Outlook for Mac is also known as Outlook 2011. This email client inherits all features of Windows based Outlook in significant way. The basic motive behind the release of Outlook 2011 is, providing a high-end GUI based email interface i.e. basic requirement of Windows lover. However, it also covers other features like advanced messaging channel, interactive calendar and combine working of all components.
In Outlook 2011, OLM file plays a vital role. It is basically a kind of file system i.e. used to store all data of ‘Mailbox’. It is personal information manager that is designed specially for Microsoft office for Mac. Any file that represents .olm extension at Mac machine, it contains each component of user’s data like personal folders, Inbox, contacts, tasks and calendars.

In easiest way, we can say that Outlook 2011 Mac provides an option to experience Windows email environment at Macintosh platform. But if you plan about to move your OLM files on Windows PC then it doesn’t fulfill your need. It happens due to file format issue. Actually, OLM file is not supported at Windows platform. Outlook for Windows uses PST file to store mails, contacts, notes etc.

Sometimes, there is a need to change in current environment. In this case, entire system is shifted towards new infrastructure. Two most common scenarios are responsible for conversion of Outlook for Mac data file (OLM) into Outlook for Windows data file (PST), as follows:

Case 1: Change in existing platform

Most of users who are liked GUI pattern they can plan a move towards Windows Machine. During migration, compatibility factor is a big issue that may harm the availability of your email communication.

Case 2: Need to provide vast support

In case, any Windows Outlook user receives OLM file from client side then it becomes necessary to open document in MS Outlook framework.

Process to Import OLM file in to Windows Outlook Application

User can’t import OLM file directly into Outlook for Windows. It is necessary to convert existing data file in to PST file format. In generalized way, this process is completed in two phases as mentioned below:
  1. Use Automated OLM to PST Converter Mechanism: In this phase, the conversion process is completed by third party converter. You can choose Stellar OLM to PST converter because of developed by Microsoft Gold certified vendor. This tool helps to complete following process:

    • Convert OLM files in to PST file
    • Safe & secure conversion
    • Save resulted PST file at user’s specified location

  2. Import PST file in to MS Outlook: To import PST data files in to MS Outlook premises, follow these steps written below:

    • Click on File option
    • Go through Open & Export > Import/Export
    • Now ‘Import & Export Wizard’ appears
    • Select Option “Import from another program or file”
    • Click on Next
    • Now choose “Outlook Data File (.pst)” and click ‘Next’
    • Select converter PST file through ‘Browse’ option
    • Under Options, choose ‘how you want to deal with duplicates’
    • Click on ‘next’
    • If PST is protected then enter password then click ‘OK’
    • Click ‘Finish’
Now, finally user would be able to continue their work on Windows Outlook from Mac 2011 through support of OLM to PST converter software.