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Cisdem DVDBurner Review

There are many DVD burners available in the market where you can have any one of them to burn your DVDs. But, for Mac you will not find many DVD burners in the internet. So, Cisdem presents you the DVDBurner which will burn DVD on Mac Yosemite with audio, Video, Subtitles, and menu. You can burn any DVDs on Mac for audios and videos and you can personalize it with subtitles and menus to fit it in any occasion.

Burn any Video/Audio to DVD

When you try to burn any kind of videos or audios from iDVD, then there might be some compatibility issues. But, with Cisdem DVDBurner you can burn any kind of audios or videos to the DVDs, let it be camcorder recorded, internet downloaded, iPad, and iPhones or created from any kind of devices. The supported containers also vary: AVI, HD, MTS, MKV (H.264, MPEG-2HD), MOV, WMA, and MP4. Whenever any new format is released, they try it hard to fit it into the newer updated version of DVDBurner. If you own the lifetime license of this software then you will get the lifetime support for the updates.

Free In-built DVD Menu Template

You can find the preset different patterns of different menus for different occasions. Select any one of the preset menu and customize it to fit into the flavor of the occasion. You can customize it with different thumbnails, frames, buttons, and texts. You can select any video or clip from the video as the title thumbnail.

Add subtitles and audio tracks

If you burn the DVD on Mac, then obviously you will not just insert the music and video but also you will fit in the subtitles. The subtitles are added to add your emotions in the video, and also in various languages to add the accessibility of your video. The subtitles are made to help the viewers to understand the feel of the video if the music is off. With cisdem DVDBurner you can add the subtitles with ease. You can simply drag and drop the subtitles or audio tracks to tell your story better.

Edit, Personalize, and enhance DVD

DVDBurner provides you the powerful tool rather than just burning the DVD. You can have the robust assortment of video editing features such as crop, rotate, and trim video files to remove letterboxing and special effects like watermarks.

Preview it in real time and 16x faster burning

Cisdem provides you the option to preview the DVDs in real time. What you see is what you get; you can view the files while burning it just like you are seeing in DVD. With multi-core processing, multi-tasking DVD burning technology and multi threading, you will get 16x times faster result.

High Quality DVD experience

Many DVD burners just make the aspect ratio of the video reduced, which gives you the low quality of picture. But, cisdem DVDBurner maintains the perfect balance of the disc volume and aspect ratio to give you the high quality DVD experience.