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Welcome - Events, Handouts, Networking & Social Media

Planning a recent bloggers meet, made me realize how easy it would be if there had been an app to assist me for the same. Wishing the same, I carelessly browsed play store and stumbled upon “Welcome”, an app for creating events and engaging attendees.

With Welcome, users can focus on the event rather than remaining muddled with technical glitches and challenges. Planning and executing tasks easily is possible because of simple event creation process on a common platform.

Welcome is a great app when it comes to saving time and money in event creation. On this app, users can incorporate networking, social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and even handouts. Business events can be created by networking with attendees over Linked In and never have to push home conference handouts. The entire event can be tagged with hashtags over Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Also, the whole event be can set up and managed over few touches on the phone and even have conversations irrespective of attendee’s preferred social media platform.

For a business event, attendees can network with others through LinkedIn and organizers are never have to haul home conference handouts. There will be an efficient tracking of event using hash tags (#conversation) across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The event host can set up and manage an event from the phone, and create a conversation regardless of the attendee's preferred social media platform.

This is a lot more expedient than having a bundle of papers or working with ring binder notebooks and multiple spreadsheets.

Welcome can not only be expended in just managing the event but also in engaging attendees using live feed with event hash tagging and aggregate posts from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. All the content relating to the event which is web links, YouTube videos, PowerPoint Files or PDF’s can be placed at one location for easy future reference. This also lets you keep what is needed and what’s not. Finally all the things are integrated with Linked In for an opportune connection among people.

With all the qualities of “Welcome” app, it has become a boon for organizers as the event takes around 5 minutes to set up. Also, a personal touch can be added by sending push notifications to attendees with ongoing activities of the event.

Welcome is such an app which has made mobile phone a great utility than a distraction. Whether you have to host a lecture, a friend’s birthday party, and parents wedding anniversary or 10,000 guest conference, Welcome app lets you focus on important tasks a connection to attendees.