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How Much Are You Worth? [InfoGraphic]

We might be perplexed, annoyed or even appalled if someone asks us “What’s your worth?”. Although, even we react or think that life is priceless but the fact will remain the same, we cannot be stated as being “priceless”. Every human has value attached to him; if we consider ourselves as a commodity or a marketable product, our human body and its components can be valued.

When we work or produce anything by any means, automatically a price gets tagged to us. For instance, if a human earned £25,000 a year for 30 years, it could be stated that his value was £750,000, or 3/4’s of a million pounds. This could be one perspective, however, if we put ourselves into shelves of commodities such as wheat, rice, sugar, coffee even gold or silver, our worth will have a different stand point altogether.

Let's understand and calculate how much our body is worth as a commodity using the InfoGraphic below, which is created by BuddyLoans.com.

How much are we worth