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Merging PDF and Image Files Online : MergePDF.Online

Portable Document Files, popularly known as PDF are eccentric in their own way. Fortunately, combining PDF Files into one has been easier, thanks to multiple free software available in Windows, Mac OS X or even web browser that you might use. But, every PDF File merger has its own limitations. This article will revolve around a different pdf merger “MergePDF.Online” which we recently stumbled upon.

Uses of Merging PDFs

First question anyone would have is, “Why would I use a PDF merger”?

The answer lies in many aspects but we would like to present a few use cases for the same. For instance, an architect can send his designs to a client in a single pdf file as opposed to many different jpeg images, multiple pdf files or different formats converted by AutoCad etc. Also, in addition to merging multiple files in one document, the owner of the document can attach his logo for better branding and a professional lookup.

Similarly, a photographer can merge his photographs and send over to the magazine, channel or any client. Also to keep his copyright intact, MergePDF.online can add watermark to the images maintain confidentiality and remove chances of work to get stolen while also present his professional side to the clients.

When considering a teacher, she can make a single document consisting of explanations with pictures, images or graphs. Also, she can merge multiple problem set, put page numbers on document for better referencing and get suitable print of documents to distribute among her students.

All in all, MergePDF.online can be used professionally and personally by anyone who wants to collate the documents.

Why MergePDF.online?

Another question that might pop out is, when there are several tools available to merger documents into single pdf, why should one go for “MergePDF.online”?

The reasons we would be giving are convincing enough to put point of differences of this tool with its competitors :

  1. Unlike others, this tool can merge image files of formats .jpeg, .png and .bmp with pdf files and present it in a single output.
  2. Page numbers can be added to the document before processing it.
  3. Images, like logos for branding can be added inline before final processing.
  4. Watermark can be added to contain confidentiality.
  5. The website is completely mobile friendly, so you do not have to logon to your PC to perform last minute conversions.
  6. While processing online, the data can be kept safe as your files are kept in three different “safe”
    • The tool works over SSL thus while your file is being sent over the server nobody can have access to your files.
    • File is saved temporary on the server with cryptic non-guessable file names
    • Alter the processing is complete, the file auto deletes in 20 minutes.

How to use MergePDF.online

The Process to be followed is pretty simple. On MergePDF.online you will find options to upload as many files as you want. Before merging you can also choose options of “Page Numbering” and “Watermarking”. For watermarking you can upload a picture of your own or even add text like “Confidential”, “Internal”, etc.

After your options are chosen you can click on “Merge My Files!” and all of your selected documents will be presented as single collated PDF.


We found this website pretty safe for our documents, moreover, the option of numbering and watermarking the pages was extremely helpful. Go ahead and try merging your PDFs using MergePDF.Online and let us know in the comments below about your experience.