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Tata Sky HD+ Transfer : Watch, Record & Transfer Shows on the GO !

Every new season of Game of Thrones make me wish I had a television set of my own. My mom never wants to change her schedule of daily soaps and my Facebook friends cannot keep themselves from posting spoilers on my wall. My head explodes every time I miss the screening of latest episode and I have to make sure to keep myself away from internet, as far as possible.

Anyway, world is not a wish granting factory, but it is not that ruthless either! TataSky has come to my rescue, I might not get a new television set, but I can watch the series at my own leisure, anywhere, anytime.
TataSky has come up with a new set top box TataSky+ Transfer. This is more than just a medium to access channels from satellite via dish antenna on your TV and is by far the best method to connect digital entertainment from TV to a mobile device. Let me tell you how I can make best use of this set-top to enjoy my favourite series.

1) Record + Transfer:

To Record the series, I do not have to interrupt my mom during her “Sasural Simar ka” or my dad’s “News Hour with Arnab Goswami”. All I have to do is give a command from my smartphone to record “Game of Thrones”. In a nutshell, Tata Sky HD+ Transfer box gives you the ability to record and transfer while watching another show at the same time.

Also, I do not have to be at home every time to tell my set top box to start recording, I can be anywhere, in my office, in traffic or a party, succinctly, I can record anything aired on my TV set remotely. Once the recording is completed, I can enjoy series on my TV set or even transfer it to view outside.

This feature is great for people don’t have time to watch TV or come home late from work. They can easily record and watch their favorite TV shows with convenience, in their bed or on the move. Awesome, isn't it ?

This Internet recording feature can be used via mytatasky.com or TataSky Mobile app. Also, once I have recorded my series I can see it without even having an active internet connection.

2) Tata Sky On Demand

I am so addicted to the series, watching it over and over again and analyzing the strategy is another of my hobbies. TataSky+ transfer box helps me cultivate this hobby as the box lets me watch previous 5 days episodes.

3) TV Everywhere

My lifestyle gets too busy sometimes to afford the luxury of being at home and enjoy watching TV. Ahh! But TataSky+ Transfer Box lets me watch as many as 80 different channels and helps my brain by reminding it of the show times.

TataSky Transfer+ is pleasing me at every step, the list of features seems to be never ending. 500 GB of hard Disk is more than enough to see recorded “Game of thrones” in 1080i High Definition. Even when I want to hear Tyrion Lannister again I can always rewind the live TV and enjoy the dialogue. The list goes and I am still exploring TataSky Transfer+’s features.

‘Watch now’ option on the app allows for immediate streaming from the set-top box. This makes the mobile device a true alternate to TV. 


For me, TataSky+ Transfer has made HBO’s Game of Thrones a better and a convenient watching experience. Apart from all mentioned above, its value added features, unmatched customer service, multiple recharge options is a true value for money and an unparalleled television experience.