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Shorte.st : Improves Statistics and Pop Ups

When someone creates a blog, making money is a definite expectation in the person’s mind apart from expressing oneself. So, for easy money there are a number of methods, including much talked about “AdSense”. But have you thought that using a url shortener can get you money? For this, we have shorte.st.

We covered Shorte.st earlier in our posts. It is a service having basic functionality of shortening a url, much like bit.ly. But, shorte.st links advertise network to its rudimentary function and thus helping everyone to make money.
In this post, we will cover two exciting features of shorte.st. Read on to know more.
  1. Statistics: Shorte.st has an exponential graph to grow itself in the direction of providing utmost value to its customers and hence it has modified its statistics so that users can make most out of it. Let’s read some of its functions.
    • It allows users to monitor the revenues generated by their links, scripts and referrals.
    • Gets complete report for Income and Views.
    • Hovering over a graph gives detailed information.
    • Drop Down menus on left and right pane helps you look for specific data.
    • Division for Entry, Link and Exit revenues helps create a fine line between best and least performing modules.
    • Drop down menus on right pane lets one switch between different months to get monthly statistical analysis.
    • Below the Short Links Graph all the manually shortened links can be seen.
    • The statistics of shorte.st also contains “Referrals”. ID’s of all your referrals can be seen as a list under the graph.

  2. Pop-Ups : Pop-ups may be a desired functionality depending on needs of advertisers. Although, there are a number of pop-up blockers but still advertising with this mode has not lost its charm. So let us see what all can be done here with Shorte.st.

    • Activate just pop-up ads but no other module. Jus copy paste the script for pop-up onto your website code and your unique ad will be ready in 24 hours. Shorte.st further gives the ability to monetize and earn extra revenue.
    • Option to use pop-up with other tools is also available where you can use entry and exit along with pop-up ads.


The above two mentioned features of shorte.st are very relevant. We talked about statistics, shorte.st having been done a very good job in utilizing its power and delivering maximum value to its users. While, Pop-up ads have very high conversion rate, they generate clicks and catch good attention of the visitor and gets you more money. Also, you must keep aside worry of the content being displayed, as it is very carefully crafted according to best interest of the visitor.

We found shorte.st quite useful. Keep looking at this space for more on this effective url shortener.