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Top 5 PlayStation 4 Accessories

We all have our takes on the best gaming console but we think that the PlayStation 4 is one of the most advanced game consoles on the market. The performance, range of titles, overall experience provided by PlayStation 4 is unmatched, however in order to get the best gaming experience from your PlayStation 4 experience, you’ll need a few essential accessories along with the newest titles from Harvey Norman. Of course, no modern game setup is complete without an extra controller and an online subscription, but these 5 peripherals truly unlock the potential of your PS4.

Power A DualShock 4 Controller Charging Station

The internal rechargeable batteries of the PS4 controller is one of its most convenient features, and the PowerADualShock 4 Controller Charging Station will ensure your controllers are always charged up and ready to go instead of relying on wires to get you through your games. This powerful docking station uses direct AC power to charge two controllers simultaneously, bringing them to full power much faster than with the standard charging method.

PDP Afterglow Kral PS4 Headset

Avid players of online multiplayer games or even those who wish to enjoy the cinematic soundtracks of their favorite titles with their intended clarity will find the PDP Afterglow Kral PS4 headset an excellent addition to their accessory arsenal. These ergonomic earphones are designed to be worn for hours while delivering a high level of comfort, and the noise canceling microphone makes it an excellent choice for PCs and mobile devices as well.

RDS Industries Game System PS4 Case

For gamers who regularly transport their consoles to a friend’s house or even a competitive gaming tournament, a quality case is essential to properly protecting the PS4 and its accessories from damage. This specially designed console case is designed to cradle your PS4, two controllers and all required wiring such as the AC and HDMI cord in lined and fully padded security, and the case also features a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

PlayStation 4 Camera

While the PlayStation 4 Camera may not be bundled with the standard system, those who wish to play motion-active games or try out the PS4 Playroom will need to buy a PlayStation 4 camera. The PS4 camera also allows gamers to control their system hands-free, broadcast their gameplay online and even sign into their PSN accounts using facial recognition.

HORI Real Arcade Pro V4 Hayabusa Arcade Stick

The PlayStation 4 enjoys a reputation as the premier console for fighting games, and for hardcore gamers there’s no substitute for the classic arcade-style control scheme. The HORI Real Arcade Pro V4 Haybusa Arcade stick delivers a full-size joystick and the 6-button setup that has ingrained combo inpur sequences into a generation.