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Emtech Conference in India: Connecting Innovators & Top Tech Leaders

Em-Tech, a global platform for innovation in field of technology occurs every year since 1999, organized by Mint in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This year they are establishing Em-tech in India and it is the most talked about conference among Indian technologists.

This year, Mint is in search of top ten under 35 Indian innovators who demonstrate high spirit of innovation in business and technology. This competition has honored and introduced us with great minds like JB Straubel, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg.

Coming back to the Indian event, Em-Tech this year will especially focus on Indian innovators who aim to shape future with their highest potential in technology. The nominations for the same has begun from October 29, 15’ and will continue till December 31, 15’. So anyone who aspires to be a renowned innovator and is in age group of under 35 is open to nominate.

Categories for nomination span across all the sciences and businesses including digital, computing, communications, cyber security, wearables, robotics, web and internet, biomedicine, health, education, materials, energy, logistics, ecommerce, etc. This competition will be judged by some of the famous names in technology and business Brian Bergstein, Raghav Narsalay, R Sukumar, Rajesh Janey, Ravi Narayan, Deepti Joshi and Prof. Amitabha Chattopadhyay. The finalists of this competition automatically qualifies as finalists for Global Innovators Under 35.

The opening ceremony of Innovators Under 35 nomations started with an encouraging statement from Rajan Bhalla, CMO of HT Media Group, “In keeping with Mint’s philosophy of providing cutting edge insights to its readers and being at the forefront of introducing the best of global practices to India, we are excited about leading this iconic technology platform in partnership with MIT Technology Review. Through EmTech India, we will unravel path-breaking technologies that are changing the face of business in India. The nominations are now open for the 1st leg of this initiative – Innovators under 35, and we are confident that this platform will showcase the most promising innovators who will lead this technological disruption in the country. It is our vision to evolve this into a one-of-a-kind marquee platform that will integrate the best of minds and companies to write the next chapter of technology transformation. The event is planned for early next year, and we are committed to making the India chapter a huge success.”

While the statement of purpose for this competition was clearly defined by states editor in chief and publisher, Jason Pontin. In his words “The mission of MIT Technology Review is to equip audiences with the intelligence to understand a world shaped by technology. Our goal is to extend this mission around the world, explaining the technologies that matter–those that will have lasting impact on our lives. We’re proud to work with Mint to identify young innovators and showcase their talents at EmTech India.”

This cutting edge technology event will be held on 18th and 19th March 2016 in New Delhi, bringing together basic ingredients of technology, culture and business. The event will witness presence of passionate entrepreneurs, business leaders, innovators and change makers who will present their solutions for global problems. The India episode of this event promises to continue the heritage of this globally acclaimed platform and is ready to present an extraordinary opportunity to get inspired from those who are driving the next generation of technological revolutions.

So, if you think you can be The Top Innovators under 35, nominate yourself here.