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Smartphones : Gateway to Modern Inter-Connected World

Do you remember what shaped twentieth century? It was “automobiles” but have you give it a thought what explains this century? It is the smartphone and how vitally it is reshaping the world we live and work in. This era is characterized by “information” being the king and basic commodity described is “a smartphone”.
A peek in the past tells us that landline telephones took about 45 years to get from 5 percent to 50 percent penetration into a common household, while smartphones took around seven years to reach same proportion of consumers. Today, when we look around, the most common thing to notice among people is their continuous involvement with a phone. Smartphones are constantly checked throughout day and night, while people keeping it close to their bodies and staring at it while they walk, eat, sleep, work, wait or drive. Not just this, smartphone has a value chain which is crucial for trade politics, logistics, development, business and basics. Smartphones have created new jobs and changed business models by tapping into distributed workforce.

India has been considered among largest markets of smartphones. Being a country of population as huge as 1.25 billion it holds around 117 million smartphone users with 2G/3G/4G Network connectivity on it. Mobile apps are reaching millions of users within weeks. Talking about widespread of mobile and its technology it is difficult to conclude that smartphones are spreading faster than any previous technology. Global statistics are difficult to gather and track as smart phones have not yet reached their market saturation like television or electricity have, the results are still coming in.

In this exponential rise of smartphones, Flipkart is doing an overwhelming job in outlining e-commerce of India and presenting to people a safe store to buy this commodity, smartphone. Every now and then we see smartphone giants partnering with Flipkart to launch their handsets exclusively on this web store. The first step was taken by Motorola with its exclusive launch of Moto G, the device had tremendous response, targeted budget friendly consumers and even it converted huge sales from Flipkart. Since then, this e-commerce website have not looked back, everyday there are new brands launching their flagship phones on Flipkart. The services provided by this e-commerce giant are exceptionally great. Quick delivery, 30 days replacement guarantee, considerate customer service representatives and a continuous trust with the brand “Flipkart” makes it a tough seller in internet marketplace.

All in all, smartphones these days are more than just a piece of commodity or a section of technology, they define our identity. When we are using smartphones, we don’t call it “work”, we enjoy texting our friends, scrolling our twitter feeds, posting comments on Facebook, posting pictures on Instagram or do online shopping, in short we “relax”. These minor acts collectively ends up producing valuable and unique form of our identities.