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Logo Design Tools That Beginners Can Use Right Now

Logos will visually represent the business’ identity. That is why it is a huge part of the branding strategy. Creative art will make a brand really easy to identify and every single time it is important that the design is done properly. Logos have to be professionally created in order to make a brand look great in the eyes of the consumer.

Successful logo design Sydney services will fulfill specific goals and are normally to be considered. However, in the event that you do not have the necessary budget, you can go for the logo design tools that were created for beginners. In most cases they are free to use. If you are interested, the following ones are the best at the moment.


If you are looking for an online tool to make your company’s dream logo come to life, Logaster is your destination. This website is full of features and massive templates that help in creating a logo as quick as a matter of seconds. The output produced is, a good quality professional logo having heap of excellence. 

Creating a logo on Logaster is a simple three step process upon landing the “Create a Logo” page. Firstly, input your company’s name, slogan and the type of business your company offers. Secondly, select a logo from templates library and thirdly edit logo on you discretion using a number of available edit options. 

Loagster offers three different pricing plans to choose from, namely, Free, Standard and Pro.

In short Logaster offers logos to business quickly and easily from a magnanimous repository of excellent logos. 


This is affordable and quite excellent as a design tool. Logomaker makes it easy to design, edit and even illustrate a logo. At the moment it does include the widest collection of effects and icons and you will be able to really easily create something that you will love. Out of the various features offered, we should mention:
  • The possibility of creating exclusive and beautiful logos with the use of various colors, icons and text settings.
  • The library is the largest available at the moment.
  • There is a very easy to follow guide that teaches you how to use every single element of Logomaker.

Adobe Illustrator

Although this is also the tool that professionals tend to use, we are faced with the most powerful of all the vector graphics editors in the world. We thus have to add it to the list even for the beginners.

The most important features that we can highlight include:
  • Huge precision when creating logos.
  • You can easily restore and recover files.
  • All graphics are synched with the creative cloud libraries.
  • GPU acceleration is fully taken advantage of.

Laughing Bird

This is one of the lesser-known logo design tools. It can be really good at assisting you to create logos that are beautiful in a really short period of time.

Laughing Bird is preferred by many because of the different features available, including:
  • There are 200 customizable templates that are already included and that you can use as a beginner.
  • Many built in images of a very high quality.

Sothink Logo Maker

Last but not least, this is a logo maker that is incredibly fast. Even professionals use it but beginners will naturally want to use it more. There are both free and paid versions that are available.

Features that have to be mentioned include:
  • Both free and paid versions will include many templates and logo elements that can be used.
  • The effects included are great.
  • Multiple export and important versions are supported.
On the whole, all the tools mentioned above are great for the beginner logo designer. They have to be considered and it is really important that you get used to the tools so that you see what is better for you. The choice will most likely be subjective so trying is a good idea.