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TunesGo : Discover, Download, Manage and Enjoy Music

Music is an integral part of everyone’s life but handling it could be a hassle. What with the oldies, downloads and upcoming music tracks – talking about a huge collection – becomes a big cumbersome task to manage. Using iTunes is fine if you have a Mac but if not then other much better software tools are easily available in the market that will not pose the same hurdles as does iTunes for other PCs. It is like a personal music downloader that you have hired to take care of your precious collection.

What is TunesGo?

TunesGo is a music downloader in short. It can also be used to transfer music easily from your iPod, iPad or iMac to any other device of your choosing whilst bypassing all the hurdles you might have faced while using the iTunes. The official site of Wondershare which is the parent enterprise that created this very handy software has even a blog that educates people about why they should stay away from iTunes. It also provides facilities to download and try the TunesGo software for free. The text specifications should be checked out before use.

Features of TunesGo

TunesGo is all about managing your music library hassle free. We often face a situation where we want to hear a particular music but do not know where we have stored it. To combat just that he Wondershare TunesGo is great software to export or import music, books, videos, photos etc. from or to your apple device to or from any other device. This is management software that is very easy to use and provides hassle free transfer of files.

1. Download Media: You can download videos from YouTube and more than 1000 websites at ease. The entire playlist or YouTube channel can be downloaded easily.

2. Record Music: The music can be recorded from any online site using this tool. You can even record the entire playlist and video to audio as well.

3. Transfer Music: The music files and playlists can be transferred between iOS, Android, PC/MAC, and iTunes without any trouble.

4. Rebuild Music Library: If your apple device has crashed, this software will help you to reconstruct your entire music library with all the voice over and specifications about albums and artists.

5. Convert to Apple Version of Music Files: In case you are transferring music files into iMac then chances are that they will not be compatible with the Mac. So to fix that problem TunesGo helps convert music files into Mac compatibles extensions.

6. Export Music Hassle Free: You can export music from any i-device to other devices in a jiffy.

7. User Friendly Interface: The user interface is dead simple. The exporting can be done in a variety of ways.

Also the guide and the tech specifications are a must read before you commit to buy the software. Make sure the device is upgraded to the latest version before you start. All devices should be connected properly as mentioned in the guide before transfer or any other activity is initiated. You can add, delete or smart export media files into any device from an iOS device.

Final Say

The reviews have done quite some applauding about the software. The TunesGo software has a lot of features that do justice to all its claims and the user friendly interface is an easy on the cake. The fact that it is available for free to the users, they can experience it with ease. The software is definitely worth a try for people who have a ton a media files but do not know how to manage the clutter.