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Smart Portable Car Jump Starter Powerbank

How many times had it happened that we have kick started our car engine for the most awaited road trip and turned on Bluetooth just to find that our phone’s battery is close to dead? Or worse, we find out that the car’s battery is dead? 1byone Multi-Function Power Bank Jump Starter comes to rescue in such situations and gets us power when we need it most.

The Functions

First things first, do not get intimidated by compact size of 1byone Multi-Function Power Bank Jump Starter; it houses high power. This power house promises to jump start a dead battery in seconds, has low self-discharge, up to 1000 cycles and supports fast charging.

Multiple safety design features including spark proof technology and reverse polarity protection assures a safe environment for charging. Also, built in LED functions may act as a flashlight and can send SOS signals when in need.

Along with recharging your car’s battery 1byone Multi-Function Power Bank serves as a charger for mobile phones, Sony PSP, MP3 / MP4 players, PDAs, notebooks, car refrigerators and other compatible appliances.

The Kit

Inside the kit of the 1byone 9000mAh 12V Smart Portable Emergency Car Jump Starter you will find multiple sections that houses chargers and all the accessories. The box is compact enough to be slid under the seat or the tire trunk. Let us have a deeper look into contents of various compartments of this kit.

  1. A mini adapter assembled with red and black clips which are required to attach to post on car battery from one end and to power bank on the other end.
  2. A 9000mAh power bank which serves as fuel for the dead battery.
  3. A car charger that plugs itself on data port of a car’s dashboard and charges the power bank.
  4. A much needed user manual containing useful and simple instructions to perform jump start to the car.


Weighing 1.2 pounds and having product dimension of 5.1 x 0.9 x 2.8 inches, this compact battery charger is portable and light weight enough to fit easily in a backpack and provide quick solutions to your dead battery while camping or any outdoor activities.

1byone Multi-Function Power Bank can also be considered as a thoughtful gift for your loved ones and is available on Amazon for $76.99.

As a tip, do keep the manual handy at all times while more information can be collected at 1byone online website.