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Why You Should Never Use Two Antiviruses at Once?

Applications that you use to protect your system can sometimes be the harbinger of even greater issues. Similar is the case if you are using two antivirus programs in one system. An antivirus program is a must for every personal computer. However, that doesn’t mean the more you install, the secured your device will be. This is not that battle where the more weaponry you add to your arsenal, the better. In fact, it’s just the opposite! Obviously your system is going to be exposed to an ocean of dangers, but you need one, and only one antivirus to deal with everything.

So, why you must never use two antivirus at the same time? Well, there is a plethora of reasons to begin with. From PC performance degradation to program conflicts, there are issues at every step. Following is an assortment of some reasons and misconceptions that will tell you why you must never allow two or more antivirus solutions to run alongside each other in one system.


All Antivirus programs warn against doing so

Leading antivirus companies strictly warn against using more than one application. This is how they explain it:

"The job of an antivirus program is to monitor your computer’s behavior for signs of viruses. In the process of doing so, when it comes across any activity same as monitoring, it is taken as a malware breach. In other words, one antivirus can appear as a virus to another."

It will result into a program battle

Since both antivirus programs will be functioning at their best to eliminate viruses, malware, and other maladies of the internet, they will try to block or eliminate one another. This will result into a program battle.

It will trigger system conflicts

Each of the antiviruses installed will try to gain control over the functions. From establishing network connections to protecting against threats coming from various malicious sources on the internet, they will constantly come in each other’s way and this will result in system instability

Your PC performance will degrade

Running two or more antivirus will drain: power from your battery, memory a computer has to use, and overall effectiveness. Antivirus programs use a lot of memory and power to conduct system scans and related operations. Just imagine what two/three/five antivirus programs could do to your system when all of them are working at the same time.


  1. No two antivirus provide double protection : Security goes down when you use multiple antivirus solutions
  2. Not safe to use multiple antivirus created by the same company : If you are thinking that since the program is created by the same company, there will be no conflict. Well, you are wrong! This situation is no different and no multiple antiviruses can work perfect simultaneously even if they hail from the same developer.

Therefore, pick only one solution and get rid of all the rest. It is recommended that you use an antivirus protection that is supported by the version of operating system you are using. Bitdefender, so far, has proved to be one of the best in the arena of antivirus solutions. What supports the fact is that Bitdefender has topped in antivirus testing according to AV-Comparatives and AV-test. To find this highly effective protection solution at a cheaper cost, go for Bitdefender discount coupons. Look into reliable websites that offer daily deals and discount. You can find Bitdefender coupons and codes that can be used to purchase the product from any seller at cheaper costs.

Guest Post by Anthony Taylor