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9 Awesome Apps to Help You Quickly Destress

Life is stressful and stress has been proven to be a contributing factor in the decline of one’s health. It can be a detriment to you and cause a number of psychosomatic as well as psychological disorders, including insomnia, depression, anxiety, anger, tension, appetite loss, crying, headaches, backaches, loss of concentration, and high blood pressure. But by adding stress-relieving apps to your daily routine, you can help to reduce these symptoms.

1. Relaxing Anti-Stress Sound created by Dandelion Soft provides soothing melodies that create a relaxing atmosphere. These sounds are available to put you to sleep or just help you wind down after a long day. You can listen to them individually or all together, making an array of natural harmonies that will transform you to the great outdoors. Sounds include an eclectic arrangement of rain, storm, winds, dripping and running water, birds chirping, night sounds, and a melody that will remind you of waves crashing against the surf at the beach.

2. Adult Coloring Book is a relaxing app for adults who need a few minutes to unwind. The 7 different types of illustrations include Animal Kingdom, Mandala World, Zen Spirit, Pixel Art, Secret Garden, Heart Love, and Painting. Take your mind off of your hectic life by creating beautifully detailed artwork. This easy project allows you to save your masterpieces and send the final product to your friends and family. You can also get physical copies of these coloring books, so if that suits you more perhaps look into purchasing one of those.

3. Pacifica – Stress & Anxiety is a Pacifica application that utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you manage the frequency of stress-related issues. It also allows you to monitor the amount of stress in your environment and offers you a better way of handling stressful triggers. The app contains a Daily Mood Tracker, Relaxation Audio Tools, Thought Analysis, Daily Challenges, and a Health Tracker. You can talk to your family and friends in a private chat or engage with the public to find out how others are relieving stress on a daily basis.

4. Let’s Create! Pottery Lite is an app created by Infinite Dreams. You can relax and enjoy the pottery wheel without the messy cleanup. Feel a sense of accomplishment when you finish your first piece. Fire, glaze, and decorate your pot with tons of decorative images. You can also add an assortment of colors to make your creation unique. You will forget your worries when you complete your work and share it with your friends.

5. 7 Minute Workout is a great app for anyone looking to get into shape or keep fit. The app doesn’t require you to use any equipment and only takes up 7 minutes of your day, if you do the workout every day for 7 months then you’ve succeeded, miss a day and you lose a life – making it just like a game! Even better is that it’s compatible on smartwatch devices like the Apple Watch, one of the many benefits of wearable technology is their ability to be utilized with health and fitness, so when using a smartwatch with ‘7 Minute Workout’ it is able to directly connect to the Health app, so all your workouts can be synced up and you can track your progress more efficiently.

6. Self Healing app, developed by Creative Software Studio, approaches stress relief as a form of education. This app teaches you how to understand and utilize different techniques so that you will be able to manage your stress. You will have guided session, which include prayers, crystal healing, reciting mantras, deep breathing exercises, and Aum chanting. Meditating and touch healing offers an opportunity to connect with the mind and body.

7. Yoga for Handling Stress, created by Health Beckon, provides inspirational videos of specific yoga positions that can help you manage stress. You will have access to routines that may aid with insomnia, depression, and stress relief. There are also beginning exercises, simple routines, laughter sessions, and positions that may increase energy.

8. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax by Calm.com, Inc. begins with a 7-day program that teaches you how to meditate. You can delve further into your psyche by continuing on to the 21-day program. This app improves sleep disorders, reduces stress, and boosts creativity and confidence. With 50 guided meditations, 10 calming scenes, and 16 music tracks, you can incorporate meditation into your daily life and begin to cope with a variety of stressors.

9. Stress Buster – Stress Relief, developed by Panagola, is an app that helps you relieve stress by popping bubbles. If you love bursting bubble wrap, this game is perfect for you. Spend hours passing the time bursting bubbles to help you eliminate the stress in your life. This app is easy and fun to play. You also have the option to generate a wealth of unique drawings. Just burst bubbles that you have created and then save and share with your friends.