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ACE, The Bot - Making Task Management Easy & Effective for Teams

We are all aware of what Slack can do or does for teams. More than three million active users are using this powerful messaging platform daily. And the numbers are only growing. Slack markets itself as a tool for the workplace, but the platform has become indispensable for all. With chatbots finding their way into the Slack App store, Slack has never been more productive. With the increase in popularity of chatbots, it was only obvious that Slack would be the first platform for developers to deploy their chatbots.
As did we, when we launched Ace – the intelligent productivity bot was deployed on Slack. The need to be more productive on the job and outside is a pressing need. This is where our bot comes in. Ace is enabled with multiple features that help you manage your expenses reporting, check items off your daily task list, run polls, ratings and more.

Ace has an excellent feature for expense reporting. You can update expenses easily and accompany it with pictures of your receipts. This way you don’t have to keep a pile of bills around since Ace will record all this for you. You can also download a csv sheet of all expenses. With Ace you can report all work related expenses on time and reduce reimbursement delays.

Ace is also a task manager that helps you and your teams manage daily todo's and action items more efficiently. Add new tasks, list out your open tasks, close tasks on the go or assign tasks to your teammates. Supercharged with the added ability to run polls within your team, with ace you can become more efficient without even your knowing it. Keep track of all the important stuff and never miss a task ever again!

Here are some of the things that Ace can do for you :
  • Track Expenses

    With Ace you can track your expenses, and manage expense reporting easily! You can also upload picture of your receipt and download your expense sheet in one go. Ace makes reporting expenses at work convenient and quick. Update expenses by typing Exp or Spent 10.4 on food today
  • Run Polls

    Ace can run polls within your team and collect responses for you. All you have to do is message poll and Ace will take it from there.
  • Rate

    Create a topic and simply message Rate. Ace can get your team to participate and rate the topic. You can also get an entire summary of all the ratings.
  • Add tasks

    Direct message ACE with your todo’s and our bot will pick up your tasks from there - Todo call Jack at 2 PM

  • Share your todo’s with your team

    Direct message our bot and assign a task to a channel and everyone in that channel gets that task assigned – Call Jack at 2pm #marketing

    All the guys in the #marketing channel will get the task assigned and they can view the task as a direct message. All your other tasks will remain private and will be organized by channels.

  • Assign tasks to your peers

    You can easily assign todo’s to your peers by typing out the todo followed by your peer’s @handle - Call Jack regarding sale closure @Jane

  • Tick tasks as you are done

    Completed your tasks for the day? Update them as you go. Use tick to strike off completed tasks.

  • Prioritize task

    Give few tasks more priority by starring them. More stars = High Priority!

  • Delete task

    If you have created a task by mistake you can easily delete it by typing todo delete {task id} and it’s gone!

  • Close tasks

    Once you have you completed the tasks for the day don’t leave them open. Ask our bot to close it by typing todo close.

  • Feature requests
    Want more? Send Ace a direct message that you need a new feature by typing todo feature {feature} and our backend team will get them added.
  • Search todo’s

    With ACE, it's easy to search for a task. All you need to do is type "?" followed by the keyword you are looking for and ACE will show up all the tasks associated with that keyword.
  • Show all closed tasks

    When you type “??”, it will pull out all your closed tasks.
  • List tasks and action them

    Just type todo to list out all tasks you have created.
Listed under Slack Apps and rated #1 on Botpages, Ace is absolutely free to use. It has been widely used by CIOs/CEOs to manage their daily tasks and concentrate on what matters the most.

Ace is the only productivity bot on Slack that you will ever need.