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Ezebee.com : Get Global Market for your Products

Ever thought of a global presence of your business? Selling products to online buyers in an international marketplace is a strategy that every small and medium business wants to adopt. But the question arises from where to start?

Let's talk about ezebee.com, a cloud based social commerce platform and free online marketplace which aims at helping small business owners and micro companies to connect with the world.
At ezeebee.com, entrepreneurs not only get a space to create free online shop but also a blog, powerful marketing tools, social media apps, international marketplace, business minded community and a search-engine friendly marketplace. As of now, members from across the world, to be precise, over ninety countries, have created their global presence. Sellers pertain to all backgrounds, from art to business services and sell to global audience without the hassle paying of a hefty commission.

Also, as a part of continual improvement, recently ezebee.com has come up with brand new mobile first platform as a strategical step towars mobile technology.

Let us look at some of the features which aims at ease of use for buyers and sellers.

1) Chat & Buy system: This is our personal favorite, it connects buyers and sellers through chat window. Here people can negotiate and come to terms on product price, quality, quantity, etc.

2) User Interface: UI is great in terms of displaying content related to users’ browsed history. Also, we felt the filters are pretty great and helps in greatly thinning down the list of items based on our need, from type to color to size.

3) Merchant features: The website is fully loaded with numerous usable features for merchants like free webshop/page builder, chat-to-buy and payment wallet, unlimited bandwith and product uploads, boost-function (equivalent to facebook), product scraper, automatic sharing functions

4) Technical Platform: The platform provided is highly technical and lists the products using complex alorithms of tag-based product segmentation. The search engine is very effective as it uses graph based search algorithms to look for procuts in database. Also, the platfrom is mobile first and full responsive, with algorithmic business logic and fast and easy csv-import functions for big data and product uploads.

5) Internal currency: Currency is one aspect which bothers everyone while trading on international platforms. Well, ezebee.com provides the facility to swap products with EZB coins which needs no use of money for transaction. This enables a fair trade between countries and sellers can make a fair trade.

6) Pin option: Pin option is similar to what is offered by Pinterest. Here you can pin your products on ezebee.com from products on other websites and a clicking on the pin will redirect to original website.

7) Import option: Apart from pinning an item, importing it from a different website is also an option provided by ezebee.com marketplace. User will have to paste the link on Import bar provided and all the metadata including picture will be uploaded in seconds.


Small business can now make money online by creating their own online shop on ezeebee.com marketplace. Not to mention, it is a free online marketplace which also provide an option of selling through social media apps, so moreover it can also be noted as free Facebook shop. Thus, having a global presence and mark on international marketplace is no longer a dream for small business and firms, ezebee.com does it all!