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Why Kids should Learn Programming ?

Change is a necessity in every domain, so is in education. A continual improvement of curriculum pertaining to present dynamics is indispensable for development of our future generation. This digital era is made of codes! Hence, computer programming a.k.a. coding is no more a “geek” culture, it should be imbibed in our younger generation. Looking at a bigger perspective we can feel that coding is taking an extraordinary level of prominence.

Programming is not a fag, rather it is a ritual, and it is now a subject of international awareness. From booking flight tickets for a holiday to access online technology courses coding is the core of all. For students in grade 2, computer programming is as important as learning mother tongue.
Let us have a look why adding coding in skill set of a student is crucial.

1. Programming is Arterial Language of Digital era.

Kids these days are of Digital era! They are surrounded with technology gadgets, services and even toys. Kids are growing up in a very different world than that of their parents. Using such toys definitely helps children shaping their thought process but understanding the logic behind “how stuff works” is important too. Knowledge of programming language is the stepping stone to know the science behind working of such gadgets, toys etc.

In order to be an integral part of this huge digital shift, children must understand the basic nitty gritty of it!

2. “Are you an innovator? Can you bring your innovation to life?”

Our mind is occupied with ideas but only one in a million can make their ideas work to an extent of helping the community. A child can be a thinker and bring his ideas to shape only if he has worked up on his basics. Basics again, in digital era, is a programming language. Knowledge of a programming language instills confidence in a child to make his ideas work and grow them bigger.

3. Keep Programming Simple.

Programming starts with PLC Programming! That in fact is tough! But there are straight forward processes to create interest in kids and fall in love with what wonders can be written with a code. A positive reinforcement and a working example of their efforts is all what a K-12 kid will need to grow further in this direction. As we have mentioned earlier not only learning programming language is as important as learning mother tongue, but also it is as simple as that. Learning a computer language will give a child a medium to connect with his CPU. He will not just surf or browse the internet but build skills as strong as a PLC programmer and take a step towards making his world a better place to live.

This is a time for change in education and moreover thought process, K-12 kids must know how things work rather than just working on them.