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Audials One: Music & Video Downloading Made Easier

In today’s world with easy access to the internet at any place and anytime of the day or night, the world of entertainment has really opened to us. Videos, movies, songs, e-books and any other means of entertainment can be accessed anywhere, all you need is a gadget that supports these files and a working internet connection.

Despite there being so much entertainment available on the Internet most of it is for watching only. Downloading it without paying for it is termed as piracy and is illegal. So while you have access to songs and videos 24/7, you cannot legally download most of them.

However, over the time, some methods have been developed which let you save the available content on the internet for later offline usage. One such tool that we will be talking about today is Audials One, which lets you save music, videos, movies, radio podcasts and much more onto your device. So let’s get to reviewing Audials One.


o Radio

85,000+ radio stations are available for you to listen to and save means you have an endless amount of radio podcast to listen to. You can then also save this podcast in the highest quality for use later.

o Music Search

Audials One not only lets you listen to music, but the “Music Search” option opens a whole world of music for you to discover. Browse music by genre, artist or simply browse through the top tracks.

o Music Wishes

Wishlist works like a playlist that lets you add particular artists or tracks that you want to listen to. There also is a wishlist community that you can use to share your wishlist with other people who might want to listen to it. Vice versa, you can also listen to people’s wishlist when you need some new music for a different taste.

o Podcast

Choose from a variety of categories including arts, business, comedy, education and many more.

o Save music

Coming to the important things, you can save music using Audials One from almost any source you like. Popular music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Reverbnation and others are included so you don’t have to go looking for them.

Saving music is as easy as listening to it. Just go to the “Save Music” option in the Audials One app and select the streaming service you want to save music off. Then just proceed to open the streaming service in your browser and the software will record it for you.

o Save video

Popular video streaming and hosting services such as Netflix, Amazon Video, iTunes, YouTube and many others like them are covered by Audials One, which means you can save any video you like off these websites for viewing later. Saving is easier than a child’s task.

Like the process for saving music, select the streaming service you want to save the video off and then just proceed to play the video in your browser and it will be saved. You can also just add the video’s URL in the “Paste a video URL” and Audials One will download it for you.