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Bayangtoys X16 : Big Cheap Brushless Camera Drone

Technology has started to be seen floating all around us and best example is a drone! Technically, 2015 was the year of headless mode drones but 2016 goes to “altitude hold” mode. These new drones have arrived in the market and amongst the few good ones we have Bayangtoys X16. It has high hold mode, brushless motor, 2MP camera and much more. To know more about it, keep your shoes on and linger on this blog.

Since the drone is altitude mode, the basic design must cater to high hold feature which must set flight heights as you would like to have it. Apart from the features mentioned above, Bayangtoys X16 offers us automatic return function and a headless mode which adds to more pragmatism. This feature in addition adds a security factor ensuring the drone will not be lost, especially if there is a connection problem. The drone can perform some fun features due to exceptional aerobic capabilities as sideward flight, 360 degree flip, 3D rollover, etc.

The camera quality is upright, with the 2-megapixel HD camera you get clear pictures and videos. Also, the LED light design helps drone having night flights and you can enjoy the eternal view of glowing drone.

We had prior mentioned about brushless motor, but what does it do? This brushless motor is responsible for long control flights of the drone, i.e. up to a distance to 260 to 350 meters. If you are worried about the battery life, this drone with all the features can fly for 12 to 16 minutes. The Transmitter is standard one and operates with 6 AA batteries.

The drone comes in two colors, black and white, box is sized at 35.5*17.5*35cm while the Product is sized at 40*29.5*17.5 cm. There is an 11.1V 2200mAh Li-poly battery for this quadcopter and a charging 6 x AA battery giving a flying time of about 12 to 16 minutes and gets itself charged in around 40 minutes.

Features In Nutshell

  • 2.0MP HD camera with WIFI FPV
  • Headless mode
  • GPS mode for Automatic return
  • Rechargeable high performance battery
  • Continuous rolling with gyro flashlights,, 360 degree 3D and special functions.
  • Strong wind resistance
  • 6- Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight
  • With High Hold mode to set height

Available in black and white colors and priced at $135.99, this quad seems to be a good value for money as compared to other drones which offers extended flying time and brushless motors You can also find such other cool toys at GearBest.