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'Mother' : Super Hero of Real Life

Remember Mother’s Day? Well! We mostly describe it the time of the year when we order beautiful bouquet of flowers online for mom and some wilted weeds show up. I wonder if there was a “Son’s day” as spectacularly celebrated as Mother’s Day our Mother would be lazy enough to order online something that boring!

Well, I dedicate this blog to my mom not on the occasion of Mother’s Day but for any and every day I have loved my mom. I still wonder how proud she is of me from the day I had my first pair of shoes to the day when I had my promotion. I can’t articulate how proud I am to have her as my mom, I salute her for all the endeavors she had put in to make me into the person I am today.

We never really had a wisdom conversation, I giggle and struggled and am in the continuous process of learning from her, outlook of life. She worried and planned a better future for me while I was just loitering in my own head trying to figure out basics of the world.

From her, I learnt to respect my work or rather anything I do. She planned her work and home in an utterly balanced way and the better people that me and my dad are, is the result of her sole hard work.

I still remember the days when I was little, lights go off and I try to hold my mom’s hand to seek relief from darkness. Since then she had been my super hero, saving me from the devils of dusk to fight with truths of life. Even today we face our fears together get hold of them strongly and concur them.

I must say we are a jumble of contradictions, her faith in God and my faith in reasons never go hand in hand. But still the way she goes on fasting for days just to shower long life and luck on her son cannot be repaid.

So I just can’t give her flowers on Mother’s day or her birthday, it always has to be special. It has to symbolize her, be a symbol of truth, perseverance, success, hard work and beauty. That could be a Lava smartphone, which is built on same trust and strength as our relationship or her favorite poetry book by Harivansh Rai Bacchan.

Well, I can go on and off my entire life about my mom’s efforts and success. My life always had a filter of harsh, warm, mellow and toughest hues and my mom have always been there to make accept every situation as a challenge and come out of it with great success. She didn’t only taught me to walk or talk, she taught me how to live.

Love you Mom !