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5 Best Backup & Restore Utility for Windows 8/10

We all know that our systems have an end of life, unfortunately or fortunately, we have lot of dependency on backup and restore utilities for saving our important data. It’s not our PCs that get corrupt, but the hard drive that causes issues. Due to crashing of hard drive, all integrated data required to back up for later use in case of misfortune.

There are number of backup software available now a day that helps you to create complete backup of your important data to the cloud storage or an external hard drive. Most of the tools are paid, but there are few free plans or software as well. Following are some.

1) EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is suited for the Windows 8 Undelete. It helps you to take backup of entire Windows files, logical drive and installed software. If Windows gets corrupted, EaseUS can restore your Operating System back to the state till you had taken last backup. One can save data on the same hard drive by creating a separate partition.

If the hard drive is corrupted, still you will be able to recover data. One can copy whole PC’s software to a different system without any mess up. One may not easily how to retrieve formatted data from hard disk, but EaseUS Recovery Wizard will help you do that easily. But for startup Company or small business that don’t have IT team at their premises can meet their need of backup and recovery with EaseUS; which is free app available for users.

2) CrashPlan

CrashPlan is the backup software that satisfies all the needs of people. Even it offers a free plan, but its features and pricing are worth considering. It helps you to backup files to any other computer on network or on an external storage drive, or to online storage which have unlimited space.

It also encrypts the data which is backed up for security reasons. Whole data is encrypted with 128-bit encryption. Once a day, data is synchronized to make sure data is updated. CrashPlan have a very slow backup process, thus a user can use EaseUS to speed up the backup process.

3) O&O AutoBackup

This software doesn’t have advanced security or any other outstanding feature, but it works well for basic syncing and backing up at lower price. When it comes to backing up your data, you can simply plug in the external device and confirm, as no cloud storage service is available, you have to be dependent on your physical storage devices.

You can sync your backed up data simply by connecting the external storage device to the PC. This will ensure that your backed up data is updated. One can customize when to backup data and which data to back up. The backup stored on the external storage can be easily tweaked and navigated. Being a novice user if you delete anything you can recover it with EaseUS and then move it to your storage device.


AOMEI is backup software with both paid and free options. One can take backup of their Windows and its settings so they can revert it when required, thus one gets full control over what needs to be backup. One can backup individual folders/files, disks and partitions. One can schedule backup along with full backup synchronization so as to ensure all files are backed up properly.

The software doesn’t mess with any of the process while you are creating a backup thus you can keep running the system and all your apps without worrying. The data can be backed on PC’s own hard drive or external storage devices or one can also use Network Attached Storage (NAS). AOMEI also have Server version which helps you to backup data from servers.

5) Paragon Backup & Recovery 15 Home

This software offers full control over backups. One can easily specify which data needs to backed up, which can include partitions, individual data, or the hard drive. The data can be backed up to another computer on your network or external storage devices. In restoring process one can easily restore the whole system or specific data.

It can generate Image of your systems Hard disk, which includes your operating system and its apps and settings, thus making it easy to move everything as new system. It has feature that lets you to create a bootable recovery of your system named as Recovery Media Builder 3.O. Thus in case your system gets corrupt, one can boot from this to recover data.


The above mentioned backup services and software have variant features, some are rich in features but expensive and others have reliable backup features only which are free or at minimum cost. Thanks to these leading technologies which are being used by these program especially EaseUS data recovery app due to which our files and system are protected against any major physical breakdown.