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How to Install a 'Protect America Security System'

Installing the Protect America Security System is easy and simple. We have tried explaining every step with necessary suggestions.

Installing a security system can sometimes get too inconvenient. There are many instances when homeowners have to spend days, weeks sometimes, to have a security system installed. However, with alarm-reviews.net, deploying the protection system is as easy as plausible.
But, before we explain the process, let’s quickly go over the topics we would be covering.
  1. Control Panel Location
  2. Connecting The Control Panel
  3. Installing Sensors
  4. Activating The System
That’s it! Unbelievable, right? Well, we understand how hectic it can get sometimes with security system installation and setups. That is why we have tried making installation and activation of Protect America security system crisp and easy. A typical setup takes less than an hour and requires no tools.
Now, let’s proceed with the installation steps in detail:

Step 1: Selecting a location for the control panel

Find out a good location where you can place the control panel. We recommend putting it someplace that is centrally located so that it would be easily accessible and alarm sounds can be effectively heard.

#Tip – Make sure you keep the control panel away from home appliances, mirrors, and metallic surfaces. These objects might interfere with the signals between the panel and the other sensors.
After choosing the location, select from the monitoring types - cellular, broadband, landline. Once you have selected the monitoring option, we’ll walk you through how to connect the control panel.

Step 2: Connecting the app to your system

(i) For cellular monitored security system, proceed with the following steps:
  • Turn the control panel and connect two short red wires with each other.
  • Next, plug your panel into a power outlet.
  • Now, you would want to download the Protect America smartphone app.
Since you have cellular monitoring, you can easily arm or disarm your security system from the ease of your handset. Find/download the app from the Apple app store or Google PlayStore for Apple and Android phones respectively. Just type the word “Protect America” in the search bar and you will see their app. Compare with their logo to avoid duplicity.

Setting up the connection between your app and the system is easy. Call Protect America customer support and they will help you activate your system.

(ii) For broadband monitored system – If you would like to connect to broadband, go for the following:
  • Start by connecting those two red wires once again.
  • Plug the Ethernet port that comes out of the control panel into an open port at the back of your router
  • Finally, plug your control panel into a power outlet.
  • Download the smartphone app (repeat the steps you did in case of cellular system to download the app).
(iii) For landline monitoring system –
  • Begin by connecting the two red wires
  • Plug the system into a power outlet
  • Next, you will see your system came with a cord labeled ‘WALL’. This cord will either plugin into the phone jack and/or modem
#Tip – Landline systems can be a bit tricky to plugin directly. Give their customer support a call to confirm the connection.

Step 3: Installing sensors around the house

Let’s talk about installing the door/window sensor and the motion detector. By sensors, we are referring to door window sensors, motion detectors, and other devices that come attached to your security package.

For installing different sensors, chat with their customer support online or follow the procedure explained below:

Installing door and window sensors

  • Clean the mounting surface of the door or window with an alcohol-based solution. Also, ensure the area is completely dry.
  • Place the sensors not more than 3 inches apart from each other. One part of the sensor (Magnet) should be attached to the door and the other (Sensor) will go on the wall adjacent to it.
  • Now, test if the sensor is working properly. You can do this by opening the door. Once the door on which the sensor magnet is attached moves away from its corresponding sensor, the control panel will beep with the name of the door. For example, if it is the front door, the control panel will beep and say, “Front Door”. Rename different doors and windows in the control panel as per your liking.
  • Each sensor is labeled with a number. Therefore, write down the number and the location on your Sensor Information Worksheet, which comes included in the package.

Installing motion detectors

Motion detectors do not need any supervision. They will work straight out of the box. Simply mount the motion detector in a high traffic area, like hallway or living room, so that it is more likely to catch movement when intruders break in.

#Tip 1: Mount them 7 feet above the ground.
#Tip 2: Place them in a corner to get maximum coverage.
#Tip 3: Make sure the motion detector isn’t pointed towards windows or other sources of heat.

Step 4: Activating the system

The last and the final step is activating the system. Call Protect America customer support and our installation experts will help you activate the system. Do have the completed sensor information worksheet and your packing slip at hand. An expert will help in completing the activation.