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How Playster Plans to Change the Future of Streaming

An interview with Playster CEO Philip Keezer: 

All startups have one primary goal in mind and that’s to shake up their industries. It’s not an easy journey, but with innovation and risk-taking come high rewards, as we recently learned during our interview with Philip Keezer, CEO of Playster.

With offices in Montreal, Canada and New York, but catering to entertainment buffs around the world, Playster is on a mission to “change the future of streaming” by offering unlimited access to books, audiobooks, movies, music and games, all packed into one easy-to-use service.

Playster, Then And Now

When Playster first launched its app (available for both Apple and Android) in 2014, the service was met with excitement… and some skepticism. Excitement because it promised to offer access to millions of songs, 250,000 books, 60,000 audiobooks, as well as movies and games, with zero restrictions for just $24.95 a month. Skepticism because the unlimited streaming model wasn’t working for competitors like Audible and Scribd, forcing them to move towards credit and pay-per-read systems. Could Playster be the exception?

It’s now two years later and with over 50,000 members -- and growing -- enjoying the service and giving it positive reviews, Playster has reached an exciting milestone: It’s preparing to launch a revamped app and online platform that will give members more content and perks than ever before. We spoke to Keezer about Playster’s growth and what’s next for the company.

“Offering everything in one place has definitely played a big role in our success so far,” reveals Keezer. “Considering how busy everyone’s lives are these days, keeping track of how much you’re paying for different streaming services, keeping an eye out for hidden fees and trying to make sense of multiple logins is not something anyone should have to waste time on.”

Playster’s Family Focus

“We’ve also put a major focus on family, which I think really sets us apart from the competition,” continues Keezer. “We want to provide a service that mom and dad can enjoy, but also share with their kids. We know everyone has different tastes -- and that’s OK.”

“That’s why we try to offer as diverse a range of content as possible. Plus, every account allows simultaneous logins from different devices and every member of the family can create their own personal profile, which won’t mess up the recommendations of others. That’s a feature we’re particularly excited about.”

“Another aspect that’s gotten a great response is the Combo Box. Because who wouldn’t love getting a free tablet and headphones? We send it to anyone who signs up for 12 months -- it’s our way of saying ‘Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey!’. Not to mention it’s a pretty great way to get kids to stop fighting their parents for the family tablet!” he laughs.

Giving Playster A Try

If you’re curious about Playster, you can try it free for 30 days. The service works in any Web browser, as well as through the app, and you can stream content both on- and offline, which makes it ideal for the daily commute and family road trips.