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OJA W66L Wireless Wifi Adapter : Review

We wanted to buy a USB dongle, and knew that a little research wouldn’t do us harm, moreover, knowing a few things is beneficial to fit the setup.

It has been a couple of long starry nights that took us to this router on Amazon that has all the prerequisites we needed for best performance of our laptops, tablets, desktop and television.
OJA W66L 300Mbps High Speed Long Range Wireless Wifi Adapter can be found on Amazon.com and it comes with 5dBi External Antenna and also provides strong stability signal suitable for home and travelling purposes.
Let us have a sneak-peak into its features.
  1. High Speed: Having a high speed of 300Mbps, this Wifi Adapter has extremely strong ability to receive wireless signals. People who play online games will find this adapter very useful as there is no lag in online gaming and users can have smooth experience.
  2. High Compatibility: The OJA adapter is very convenient as it provides high compatibility with major operating systems Windows 7/ Windows 8, Linux Etc.
  3. Longer Range: The transmission distance provided is 50 meters indoors and 100 meters outdoor, covering up entire house and garden area along with nooks and corners.
  4. Stable Signal Receiving: Wireless signal received by devices is very stable with little or no drops will give users comfort while online gaming or working from home.

Not just for home, if users are in need to set up a Wi-Fi Adapter in office space, café, hotel, etc. OJA W66L 300Mbps High Speed Long Range Wireless Wifi Adapter could be the best choice.

We have already mentioned that wifi adapter is capable of transmitting data at a speed of 300Mbps, also it complies with 802.11 b/g/n wireless standards. Coming to security, the adapter supports security encryptions of WPA//WPA2 and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK.
As per hardware specifications, the adapter is compact and uses a high gain detachable omni-directional antenna which is 5dBi and is external to adapter. We felt the antenna provided a wider wireless coverage when compared to our previous adapters and also the signal penetration is decent. The antenna is pretty flexible and can be adjusted by 180 degrees to improve signal reception.
Creating a Hotspot is an easy to do task, with SoftAP feature. So whenever there is a single wired internet connection SoftAP function can be activated after installing bundled utility software and then you get your own Wi-Fi Hotspot for multiple mobile devices.

All in all, this mini adapter, is compact, very powerful, and extremely useful especially when travelling. It is capable of achieving high performance even when multiple people are using the hot spot created by it on their mobile device. You can check the product on Amazon and decide if it suits your needs.