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HDFC Red : Property & Real Estate Search Engine

Home, a place that just don’t give you shelter but is a place that makes you a better human, teaches you to take care, respect and create memories of lifetime. You don’t build your home but your life builds in and around it.

A home, is the most treasured asset and buying a new one is apparently the biggest decision of life. Setting up your preferences and carrying out a background research is typically the most tiresome part. You need a strong network and right people to guide you for that right property which fits in your preferences, budget and is safe to invest in.

When we were looking for a property in Hyderabad, we had to do rigorous research, from “who’s the best builder?” to “what’s the best property?” But we needed continual assistance to find “My kind of place”. There were brokers, but we couldn’t trust them wholeheartedly, all in all, everyone has their share for any property, so we couldn’t escape their biased attitude.

It was then, during a casual search on internet we stumbled upon HDFCRed.com.

HDFCRed.com is a real estate property listing portal launched by HDFC. The website has been launched by HDFC's wholly-owned subsidiary HDFC Developers and connects home buyers with property developers. Also, HDFCRed doesn’t allow any individual or broker to advertise their listings.

HDFCRed has a vast database consisting of 24000+ properties and have its presence in 20+ cities, thus a very good option for home-seekers.

Let us mention, to make our home seeking job easier, we downloaded the HDFCRed app and its user experience is amazing. App had us made us a smooth boarding with an interactive UI. Properties are shown as cards which is quite cool and took us back to the good old days of Monopoly. The application is really helpful and prioritizing preferences landed us to perfect properties.

Let us have a sneak peek into features of Web Portal and the app.
  1. As mentioned earlier, HDFCRed has a colossal database consisting of over 24000+ different properties including, villas, apartments, lands, etc. across 23 cities and including 7000+ New builder projects.
  2. Portal has information along with images of floor plans, details of amenities, EMI’s.
  3. Portal gives details about the surroundings and neighborhoods along with the distance to and information about nearest school, medical facilities, shopping arcade, metro/train station, bus station, gardens, parks, etc.
  4. Best part about the portal is, it gives unbiased results for our tailored needs according to preferences we set.
  5. Also, the portal has a “Relevance Score” which gives a score to properties listed, the highest score being given to a property which best suits our selected preference.
  6. A Feedback report is very crucial part of this website to help the users as much as it can. This feedback report tells us why or why not a property might best suit our requirements.
  7. A number of options are available to sort from, including sort by Price per Sq.
Apart from the features mentioned above, there are certain which are catered only by the website but not by app as of now. These are any special deals on properties listed, a home loan calculator, facility to apply online and neighborhood insights.

All in all, this app really helped us in all the ground work that’s needed to get the perfect home. Its user-friendliness, plethora of features made our home hunting a memorable and comfortable experience. If you are looking for a real-estate property, you can check out the website @ https://www.hdfcred.com/

So if you are planning to buy a property in Hyderabad or to apply for an HDFC home loan, HDFCRed is surely a great package and one stop shop for all! Download their iOS and Android app NOW!