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Hexlock : Smart & Innovative Locker for Your Android Device

We have lockers and vaults in place for our important stuff, money, gold, papers; but what about the information that our phone carries? Well, there have been many lockers developed by app developers which aim at securing data, images, messages, etc. We stumbled upon one such app over the internet and after using it, we couldn’t stop the urge to blog about it.

We are talking about HexLock by Liquidium which has over a million downloads and is currently editor’s choice over Play Store. Let’s see why we loved it!

User Interface

Simplicity is the best policy and Hexlock proves this proverb with its clean simple interface. Not much Ga-Ga about the features, the developers have kept the app simple enough, so that users can easily locate their choice of function. The cool transitions make the app look chic, neat and technologically advanced.

Auto-Switching Profiles

Auto-Switching profile lets users create different profiles for home, work, meeting outdoor etc. In each of these profiles, you can lock certain apps when the phone comes in the vicinity of Wi-Fi of the selected profile. So once you reach home and the Wi-Fi gets connected the “Home” profile gets activated and locks certain apps that one might select, for instance, Play Store gets locked once you get home, so that kids can’t purchase paid apps.


Customization of background lock screen is one feature that is not readily available with most of the lock apps. Thus, Hexlock provides its users to customize the background of their choice, be it solid colors or a picture of your own.

Fingerprint Lock

The fingerprint is one feature that most of the phones are incorporating to be in line with the technology and if you have one of these phones, HexLock can make your life easier. Moreover, this is one of the best lock apps that uses fingerprint functionality seamlessly. Lock or access your apps with no hassle of entering passwords, just the fingerprint recognition would do.

In-App Ads

Well, in free version of the app you will find in-app advertisements, but one can always get rid of these in-app ads by buying the full version of the app. Moreover, one must not think twice about buying it, because it costs just INR 10 to get past these ads and enjoy a cleaner version.



  • Clean & beautiful UI
  • Easy to Use
  • Auto-switching lock profiles
  • Smooth performance


  • At present, fingerprint feature is only supported by Samsung devices.
  • Conclusion
Of several app lockers we have used, Hexlocker is the one which made us use and get cling to. It’s neat UI, commendable features including profiles and fingerprint made us fall in love with it. You can check the app on Play Store.