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Rocket VPN : Simple, Effective.Mobile & Fast VPN

The world has never been secure, be it the dark gloomy roads or smoky mountains or the Wi-Fi to which we connect to. We must take our precautions while connecting to the Internet and use VPN to surf anonymously and securely.

Rocket VPN is one such app that allows users to connect to VPN, meanwhile assuring the security and maintaining anonymity. The data on the phone will be encrypted while content can be accessed masking current location.
Available on Play Store for free, we have installed it and had our share of this app. Let's see what we found out!

To our amaze, we noticed that on a fresh install this app gives away 500 MB of free bandwidth and lets one try an unlimited plan with no cost for first 7 days. These days, users can get a hint of how seamless this app is with premium bandwidth and greater speeds.

On completing installation, changing location is just a matter of tap on the screen. You scroll down, locate “Change Location” and tap on it to choose the desired location as per server strength and need. The available servers can be seen by tapping the “orange power icon”. Your connection status will be verified by a “key icon” on the status bar.

For testing purposes, we connected to private virtual networks across the globe which gave us encrypted connection and secured data.


So, it's just not getting connected to a location of your choice, when you are connected via Rocket VPN a lot really goes in the background. Firstly, your data is encrypted making you browse the internet over an unsecured Wi-Fi network securely, for instance, the nearest coffee shop. Also, no ISP’s are at work to spy on your browsing activities.

Secondly, all the geographic restrictions are bypassed like even in India one can access US services like Pandora without worrying about your location getting tracked or even your phone contents being at stake. Meaning, you really will be browsing the app anonymously.


It feels good when we see that more and more apps are incorporating Google’s material design principles to form user interface, so is the case with Rocket VPN. A clean design will let you find all you want on a single screen, from connection status to virtual location to bandwidth every feature is simple to locate.


One drawback of connecting via VPN is losing on the browsing speed, but with Rocket we didn’t come across much speed issues and only encountered a 10% degradation with and without VPN.


Rocket VPN gives all that you need in a virtual network, a flexibility to choose from varied locations, simple UI, secure connection, encrypted data and works well on mobile networks as well.
You can try your share of Rocket VPN by downloading it freely from Play Store or Apple Store.