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Apps – That Will Change Your Writing Style

As it is said, there is always the scope for improvement. So, what you can do to improve your writing skill? Writing is like exercising, the more you do, the more you get effects of it. To improve and make your writing practice easy, you can take help of any of these amazing apps.

If you are thinking that “I need someone, who can write essays for me.”, then these tools won’t do it completely for you but it will help you in writing your essay or research paper in better style.

Daily Page

It is a human tendency, that we need reminders to do anything regularly. DailyPage does this job effectively by providing the feature of customizable reminders. You can create your routine for writing practice. Every morning, you will get a prompt for your writing practice, and you need to complete it within that day. You get personal writing score.

Air Story

“CONTENT CREATION, DONE LIKE MAGIC.” This tool is made for the teams that write. You can share your research with your team by inviting them. Later, you can drag and drop that shared researched content whether that is a graph, images or points and create the great content.
This software gives easy collaboration for the team. You can give rights to the people who can edit your document while you are working on it. You can also allow specific people to allow comment on your shared document.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary

With the usual dictionary, we know the words and search the meaning of it. Sometimes it happens that some words are on the tip of your tongue but you can’t figure out the exact word. This tool is the permanent solution for such problems. You need to enter the phrase or similar words of the word which you want and this tool will do the rest. You should bookmark this site, so you don’t have to waste your extra minutes to think, “What was the word for that?”


This tool is made by writers, for writers. If you are writing a role play, story or big essay and getting different parts in your mind which you will need to rearrange, then this is the right tool for you. This tool is built with a notecard system. So, you can easily rearrange every part of the story without getting the headache.


If you are writing a book or assignment in sharing, then you can get a good collaboration with your partner easily with DRAFT. You can see the changes they have made and compare it with your originally drafted document.


This tool is as interesting as its name. While writing, we carve for the peaceful environment but pin drop silence silently disturbs you. Sounds weird right? But it’s true. To increase your writing efficiency and concentration, give a shot to this website. It won’t let you feel that you are alone. This site magically improves your efficiency by the power of sounds. If you don’t want to go with premium tracks, though you will have 6 tracks from which you can select any.


Do you have your favorite tools which help you in making your writing better? Then we would love to know those tools which are amazingly loved by writers. Share any tools which are not mentioned here, via comments. Feel free to share this article with your writer friends.