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iOS 10 : Top 10 Extraordinary Features

iPhone 7 has been launched on 7 September 2016 and after the launch of this most awaited smartphone of the year, Apple has also released the next generation of iOS mobile operating system “iOS 10”. You can download the iOS 10 & update your Apple devices with this new version of the iOS operating system.

iOS 10 offers various great features such as redesigned lock screen with 3D touch-enabled notifications, a more easily accessible camera and a new widget screen.

Here is a list of some major features of iOS 10:
  1. The home app in iOS 10: Apple has added a home app for iOS 10, which provide a central location to operate and manage all home devices, They can use it when users are out of the home.
  2. User-friendly map app for iOS 10: Apple has added this feature for iOS 10 to book services directly from Map without any exit and return process. The user can easily use it for better navigation purposes.
  3. Improved clock app for iOS 10: This feature helps the user to know about their bed time, it will help the user to analyze your sleep timings when you should go to bed or when you should wake up.
  4. Quicktype Keyboard in iOS 10: This feature helps the user to share your location, you can use it for multilingual typing by use of emoji effects instead of using the words.

There are more features which are offered by iOS 10, you can check all these in the infographic which is made by an iOS app development agency – The NineHertz.

Everything you need to know about iOS 10