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Content PPC : Innovative Approach to Mix Content and PPC

If you have a blog or a website, Content PPC is a must try widget for you. To elaborate, ContentPPC is a content recommendation service that aims at providing sponsored content to blogs and websites.

This tool is a boon for publisher and adviser as it is a medium to profit and connect both the stakeholders. As a publisher, you get a chance to earn by sponsored related posts. Also, they improve click through rate of the blog or website to a great extent. Not only publishers, advisors also gets their part of advantage by using ContentPPC by generating leads. Visitors click sponsored content on their will and hence advertisers get targeted customers.

Leads can be generated by various ways, content recommendation services are amongst the best ways to get the content promoted as well as earn handsome money. This is the reason why most of the companies end up having a blog of their own.

With the use of ContentPPC, payment is made for clicks instead of impressions. Also, this service differs from other content recommendation services by the flexibility of enabling long tail keywords. This ensures most relevant content is delivered to visitors. For instance, if the user lands on a blog page that has long tail keywords like ‘Samsung Galaxy Note’ or short key work like ‘phone’ all the related articles will come on the ContentPPC widget. This gives the visitor a comfort of looking for related articles and he is not presented with random unrelated articles.

Additionally, ContentPPC tracks search keywords that visitors used to reach your blog which will further lists down related ads on your website based on visitors’ interest.

Key benefits to publishers:

  1. Use ContentPPC with any other ad networks.
  2. Banner space is maintained
  3. Related content enables high CTR and transitively high earnings.
  4. Ease of ad customization and UI with the flexibility of choosing on ad layout, size, and location.
  5. On-time payments
  6. Minimum payout of $10
  7. Fast loading ad codes.

Key benefits to advertisers:

  1. Product and services promotion via highly advanced platform
  2. Real-time bidding system ensuring targeted traffic for a campaign
  3. Pay per click advertising
  4. Fraud protection system
  5. Ability to set long tail keywords ensuring only target pages are displayed which in turn results in high ROI
  6. Low-cost advertising with minimum deposit as low as $10
  7. Full control over budget
  8. Dedicated Support
  9. Keyword suggestion updates with email notification for generation of every new keyword.
Also, the service provides stats with a graphical representation of CTR, clicks, ad impressions and total earnings on a daily basis.

So, you can just get set go! To use this service, all you need is a professional looking website with a good amount of traffic. Fill up a registration form and submit it wherein you need to mention your website to get approval/disapproval message within 24 hours.

Target right! Earn Well!