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G-Next Gamejam: Korean Indie Game Developer Festival

Game Jams are events where teams are put together to create innovative games, be it a board game, card game or online game. It is thus a platform that brings together individuals and gives them an opportunity to push themselves and challenge their thought process. Developers and participants from all around the world came together and put their brains around a common theme for man hours to create an experimental prototype of an extraordinary game that they can continue to create after the jam. Every participant is given an opportunity to express their ideas and then teams are formed based on common ideas floating in the room.


Gyeonggi-do and Gyeonggi Contents Agency recently supervised a global game jam event that was held in Pangyo Start-up Campus in Korea from 12th to 14th August. G-NEXT GAMEJAM, Sponsored by KOCCA and Unity, this game developing carnival was for Indie game developers and was the first edition of the series for the upcoming years. A hundred and thirty participants from all across the globe divided into twenty-three teams participated enthusiastically in for 72 hours to create masterpieces.

The game theme of this event revolved around “Summer Story” and this induced creative ideas from among the brilliant minds who participated in the event. All games displayed uniqueness, some games drew attention while other showcased great personal growth and development skills. Putting some instances, we would throw light on games like ‘ The World of Awesome JUICE’ put together by ‘Stop Using Fact’ team where the motive of the game is to attack fruits to make juice out of them. Another one goes by the name of ‘Mosquito VR’ by team ‘0L20’ in which player plays as a mosquito whose aim is attacking humans.

The game that came out to be outstanding in this global game jam is ‘Someone in the Hallway’ by team ‘Horoller’, a virtual reality game in which player explores a dreary mansion. A team member, Hyung-Joo Kim said “Luckily, G-Next Gamejam provided us with the equipment to develop for Virtual Reality. This is our first time creating a Virtual Reality game, but I always wanted to make one. I want to create more games like this in the future.”

Event Snaps


If you want to get more details of the games created during the event you can access the same on the G-NEXT GAMEJAM’s website : http://jams.gamejolt.io/gnextgamejam.

Game jam platforms are extremely helpful to bring out the creativity, develop team building skills, get hold of latest game development platforms, and build thought process by engaging with other ignited minds. All in all, you get to know what people love in your game and what they were not particularly happy about, leaving you with a closing note on what things to focus on for future developments or to improvise present prototype.