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Search Engine Optimization for Blogs – Some Insights

Most markets that are operating online are very well aware of the importance of SEO for their websites or e-commerce sites but more often than not hardly pay any attention to optimizing the blogs, even though it is very well known that they are an integral part of the digital marketing landscape. It is possible to maximize the benefits of blogging by applying SEO techniques as well as content that is fresh, original, and relevant. Some SEO tips that can help your blog to achieve better search engine visibility:

Research Your Keywords

On page optimization can only be effective if you properly research your keywords for relevance and importance. An assortment of tools and techniques are available that can assist you to identify keywords that are pertinent to your blog post. The Google AdWords tool for this purpose is hugely popular because it enables users to identify the exact keywords that are relevant to the topic, as also the words and keyword phrases being targeted by the competition. Do not neglect long-tail keywords because typically those using them are inclined to be more qualified. Generally speaking, it can be more effective to focus on a maximum of two keywords in a single blog post as that will assist you to concentrate on the blog’s objective.

Make Your Keyword Work Harder

Once the relevant and important keywords have been identified it is vital that they are positioned appropriately for maximum influence on search engine bots as well as consumers. Strategically placing keywords or phrases in titles, or the first 65 characters of headlines and subheadings or the introductory statement and conclusion are the most optimum way of getting results. Making use of anchor text to link to relevant blog or website pages is also a good idea as is adding Meta descriptions and title tags. Keyword stuffing can be counterproductive as the content becomes difficult to read and the sentence construction usually becomes artificial. Remember it’s only when the content is deemed to be reader-friendly by the search engines that you will rise up in the SERPs and get the desired traffic and conversions.

Optimize the URL

Most people hardly pay any attention to the way the URL reads even though it is the very first thing that is discovered by search engines. You should avail the opportunity of optimizing the URL of every blog post as these have the ability to reach out to visitors for a lifetime. Consult a competent SEO agency Mumbai if you need assistance in figuring out the best ways to maximize the SEO potential of your blog posts.

Optimize the Images in the Blog Post

Do not make the mistake of naming your image files randomly with numbers and alphabets. Since search engines cannot read images they read the file names instead;so including the keywords in the image filenames automatically increase the chance of boosting your blog visibility. Every image also has an alternate text section that should also have the keyword or the keyword phrase included in a powerful image description.

Reference Links to External Information

If your blog mentions any information or results of studies that have been taken from another website, you should not only mention the name of the source but also provide a link to the page being referenced. This is a smart technique of blogging because by doing this you can increase your authority and also open up an opportunity of getting a backlink. You should take care to quote only sources that are credible as backlinks from these sources are important from the point of SEO.


You should not consider blogging to be a standalone exercise but integrate it with your other digital marketing activities so that you earn better visibility for your site. This can only happen if you make a conscious and sustained effort to optimize your blog so that it is better discovered and indexed by search engines and is seen by a larger audience.

Author bio: Evans Walsh is a senior marketing consultant working at GingerDomain.com, a leading provider of specialist digital marketing services.