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WealthPack : Best Money Manager App

India's leading diversified financial services firms, Edelweiss Group, has launched an SMS based personal expense manager app, WealthPack. Briefly, the app makes use of financial information residing in the SMS inbox of users and presents it in a consolidated way. For instance, spending from bank accounts, credit card dues and bill payments can be seen in graphical representations over a user-friendly interface.
Let us have a deeper look into its features and figure out how easy our lives can be when it comes to analyzing our own financial information.

1) WealthPack works with SMS:

As already mentioned, WealthPack fetches information from SMSs alone, hence it is 100 % secure. There is no need to key in any username/passwords or any such sensitive information. The underline algorithm is intelligent enough to categorize transactions based on food, groceries, fuel, rent, etc. which is used to give a consolidated list of spending. As many as 50+ banks, credit cards and telecom (Airtel, MTNL and Vodafone) service providers are covered by WealthPack.

2) Better Analytics – Key to Save Money!

Tracking expense is just one of the tasks carried out by WealthPack, to deliver bigger value to the customer, i.e. Money Analysis. WealthPack shows how much a user spends on food, rent, electricity bill, fuel etc. over a period of time say month, year, etc. Some of the great features provided by WealthPack analytics are:
  • Track all cash expenses: All ATM withdrawals are automatically captured by the app and collated in a cash wallet. Moreover, a user can also add cash transactions manually.
  • Expenses by account: If a user tends to spend more on debit cards, he might be missing on rewards by using credit cards. All this information can help a user get an idea of how much he could save by changing his spending habits.
  • Categorized expenses: As already mentioned, the smart algorithms of WealthPack categorizes spending based on food, rent, entertainment etc.
  • Investment vs Expenses: Not only our spending but also our investments in Mutual Funds, FD’s and Life Insurance etc. can be tracked by WealthPack.

3) Safe Network Security

One important thing about WealthPack is that, it does not rely on bank account numbers, OTP’s or any personal information. WealthPack's pure reliance on SMSs does it all! Also, 256 bit SSL network encryption is used to ensure that security of the app is at par with bank network security.

About Edelweiss Group

Edelweiss Group is among India's leading diversified financial services firms. It provides a broad range of financial products and services to a diversified client base including people, institutions, and corporations. The Group’s research-driven approach along with innovative methods fostered strong relationships with clients across all segments.

With features like segregating investments and expenses, saving money by using expense management features to analyse your past personal transactions, Wealth pack makes you your own money manager. Moreover, WealthPack helps you make good financial decisions and become your own financial adviser.

WealthPack: The must have App if you care for your money.