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Five Signs That You Would Make a Good Developer

Being a software developer can be an interesting and challenging career, and can allow you to be creative and innovative, as well as earning a good wage and having skills that are in demand all over the world. With good dev skills, either honed on your own or by doing something like an online computer information systems degree or MSCIS, which many online colleges offer, you can work in all kinds of sectors and be a part of the latest technologies as they advance.

Of course, some people are better suited to this kind of career than others, so if you are wondering if you are someone who should be studying for an IT career as a software developer, perhaps with an online college, here are five big signs you may be perfect for the job:

You Want to Improve the Things You Use

A big part of being a developer is making things that meet their requirements and are fit for purpose. If you find that when you are using systems, such as online banking or smartphone apps, you keep having ideas about how they could be improved, then this is a good sign that you would have the right sort of mindset to continually improve your own code.

You Can Go Into 'Deep Focus Mode'

Do you find that when you are reading or playing a game you lose all sense of what is around you? Can you concentrate for hours on something and not notice where the time has gone? This kind of deep focus is something that can be very important when you need to get engrossed in your code and will be a state of mind you find yourself in a lot when you are a developer.

You Love Technology

Having a passion for technology is absolutely key, so if you find that you love the latest developments and aren't lamenting the fact that kids don't play outdoors with sticks anymore and have consoles and tablets instead, this is a good sign. If you are someone who thinks we should all get off of social media and spend more time in the library, however, not so much.

You Enjoy Problem Solving

A huge part of being a developer is debugging, which means you need to be someone who sees a problem in their code as an interesting challenge, rather than a frustrating failure. If you like fixing things and looking for solutions to all manner of things in your everyday life, this demonstrates you might well be a good developer.

You Like Working On Your Own

Developers do collaborate and work in teams, but the bulk of the coding work tends to be done solo, so you need to be someone who can work well on their own, or even prefers it.

Does this sound like you? If so, then dev may be the perfect career, so why not look into training to become a software professional with something like a CIS