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Hexa : 'The' SUV from Tata - #HexaExperience

Tata Hexa, that’s a new object that made to my overly demanding wish list. Well, this new addition was not before last Saturday, when I experienced this automobile marvel on my own. It all started when Tata invited a bunch of bloggers to experience Tata’s new car Hexa. I got to be amongst country’s few lucky bloggers to witness the launch of Tata Hexa.

Tata surely pampered us all, and it was a magical two-day experience where from registrations to our retirement everything was perfectly planned to every little detail.

It was day one, I was filled with enthusiasm and was already biased towards Hexa due to the pre-research that I had done about the car. After the registrations were over and everyone had their share of little rest, all the anxious bloggers finally witnessed the curtain raiser event.

My eyes fell on Hexa’s contemporary SUV silhouette, muscular alloy wheels, stylish new projector headlamp and my heart fell for the car. All our inhibitions, curiosities, and questions were satiated by Tata’s leaders Ashish Sahni, Vivek Srivastava, Richard Winson and Ravindra Jain.

The impactful session was followed by social meet of all the sixty bloggers with Tata’s influential speakers and ended with a grand dinner at Novetel’s banquet. We had 'Biswa Kalyan Rath' on the stage who entertained us with his witty stand-up comedy. Quite Witty ;)

Retiring to our rooms, we were super excited and all garrulous for day two, where we knew we will hit Hyderabad’s road and terrains.

Sixty bloggers, twenty new Tata Hexa(s), unknown routes, rocky terrains, and fast Hyderabad highway, what else could one ask for on a beautiful Sunday morning. At 6:00 a.m, after having a stomach full breakfast we were all set to hit the roads. It was only when I held the steering wheel that I truly realized how beautifully crafted the car was.

The car does not only have rich exterior, but the interiors are quite handsome as well. It has all the comfort that a driver or the passenger can experience, every little detail from elegant interiors, comfortable seats, huge leg space, multiple cup holders to a light supported vanity mirror, this seven-seater is true to every passenger.

We covered a hundred and eighty kilometers, on highway, city, and village and into the woods of Ananthagiri Hills. The terrain was smooth to rocky to mushy but Hexa didn’t give up and neither did we.

This roller coaster ride gave us an opportunity to use all four modes in the car, Auto mode, Comfort mode to use in long drives on highways, Dynamic mode in which Hexa extracts maximum power and torque, apt for time when you want adrenaline rushing experience, and the last one being Rough Road mode, more suitable for paths less taken, hilly, rough and rocky which kicks in 4x4!

Though automatic mode was a cakewalk but my favorite part was experiencing off-road with Hexa’s 4X4 Manual mode and I was awe-inspired with its great power, precise control and stability.

The day came to an end, though we never wanted to end this trip but this journey will be always be continued in our hearts where 60 different people, with different thoughts and passions, became friends and came together to witness history.

‘The’ SUV from Tata is surely here to disrupt the market if priced right. The car feels like you just acquired a Range Rover, from technology to features; from interiors to exteriors. Loved the Auto-Manual mode in Automatic transmission where down shits would be automatic and up-shifts can be manual using gear joystick. The 4 modes (Auto, Comfort, Dynamic, and Rough Road) along with 4x4 capabilities and hill decent features in Manual mode keeps you on toes. In addition, 10 JBL speakers keep you pumping high!

The off-road experience was brilliant and covered :
  1. Maneuvering car over deep pits where only 2 wheels of the car were on ground.
  2. Driving car sideways on 2 tires at near 45 degree angle.
  3. Pushing car over a slope made of ice.
  4. Driving up a hill of near 45 degree elevation over slippy muddy terrain.
  5. Going down hill using 'hill decent' mode which levels and aligns the car as well.
  6. Crossing a small pond without issues.

With Hexa, Tata has sure packed a punch! The official launch is in January 2017, bookings start November 2016. 

Impressed with the Car Already ? Let us know in the comments.